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Hillary Brown

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Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works. Subject to carbon constraints and the impacts of climate change, infrastructure can be made more efficient, less environmentally damaging, and more resilient. With a better understanding of the connections between services, we can reduce disruptions, achieve other benefits, and reduce costs. Five organizing objectives are proposed that, in the hands of decision-makers and designers, can bring about a future of multipurpose, low-carbon, resilient infrastructure that is coordinated with natural and social systems. As Kindle | More…

       Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works

Infrastructural Ecologies for Fouché, Haiti. How might a small Haitian village lacking basic power, sanitation, and waste collection and with a limited water supply achieve a measure of infrastructural self-sufficiency? How could these basic services be provided relying primarily on local natural resources while at the same time also creating local jobs? This was the challenge for Fouché, a hamlet spread out along a main road running through the Les Palmes district of Haiti. Solutions are proposed using a multi-objective, holistic design approach reliant on an integrated planning process. More…

       Infrastructural Ecologies for Fouché, Haiti

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High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines: Best Practices for the Public Right-of-Way. This detailed handbook describes practices for creating sustainable city streets, sidewalks, utilities, and urban landscaping. Following the Design Trust for Public Space's acclaimed High Performance Building Guidelines, it launches a new era in the design and construction of public infrastructure. It includes sections on the benefits and precedents of high-performance infrastructure, near and long-term performance objectives, and best practices for sustainable construction in the public right-of-way. More…

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