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Denis Hayes

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Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America’s Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment. Cowed shows how raising and eating cattle has depleted America’s largest aquifer, created health problems, and drastically increased methane discharges (a very powerful greenhouse gas). Eating one pound of beef produces a greater carbon footprint than burning a gallon of gas. Cowed provides a glimpse into what we can do now to provide a better future for cows, humans, and the world we share. Overall, Cowed points to a future in which we eat less, but better, beef. As Kindle | More…

       Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America’s Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment

Rays of Hope: The Transition to a Post-Petroleum World. A safe, sustainable energy future is certainly not assured, given the awesome power of vested interests and inert bureaucracies. Major energy transitions always bring profound social change. The substitutions of coal for wood and wind helped usher in the industrial era. Petroleum, in turn, revolutionized our whole approach to travel, restructuring cities and shrinking the planet. Now, at the twilight of the oil age, we face another energy transition in the certain knowledge that it will reshape tomorrow’s world. More…

       Rays of Hope: The Transition to a Post-Petroleum World

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The Official Earth Day Guide to Planet Repair. Changes in individual, local, and national energy choices can slow or even stop the dangerous build-up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere while saving money, helping the economy, and enhancing human health. More...

Repairs, Reuse, Recycling: First Steps Toward a Sustainable Society. Explains that for a sustainable resource policy there are three basic components: waste reduction, waste separation, and waste recovery. Describes how these components can be accomplished and reviews the benefits. Published by Worldwatch Institute in September 1978. More…

Pollution: The Neglected Dimensions. Analysis of data indicates that uncontrolled pollution exacts real costs on health and property and that cost-effective investment in abatement can yield measurable net benefits. The conclusion is that controlling pollutants will require fundamental changes in life-styles and common business practices. Published by Worldwatch Institute in March 1979. More…

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