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Sustainable Business | Green Economics & Development

Books cover all aspects of sustainable business, corporate leadership, and environmental business opportunity. Specific topics covered include sustainability as a competitive strategy, green strategic planning, opportunities in new technology, leading change, performance measurement, corporate social and environmental responsibility reporting, the triple bottom line, engaging stakeholders, employees, and managers, green product design, green marketing, greening supply chains, green purchasing and printing, and green property management.

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At Home in the Vineyard: Cultivating a Winery, an Industry, and a Life. By Susan Sokol Blosser. This moving, evocative memoir, woven with lyrical descriptions of the sights and smells of vineyard life, tells the inspirational story of one woman's journey to success in an industry run mostly by men. By the book's end, she has become president of Sokol Blosser Winery, widely respected for producing world-class wines. She describes how she instituted values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility at the vineyard, integrated family and business life, and successfully brought the second generation on board. More… | Susan Sokol Blosser EcoSpeakers Info >>

       At Home in the Vineyard: Cultivating a Winery, an Industry, and a Life

Conscious Endeavors: Business, Society and the Journey to Sustainability. By Rob Abbott. This collection of essays and speeches collectively serve as a compass to guide business and other key stakeholders toward a relationship with the Earth, and with each other, that is more sustainable than our current societal trajectory. Organized into four sections – origins, homage, reflection, renewal – the book also includes observations by Abbott at the beginning of each section that explain his personal connection to the land. This is a brave book that inspires us all to make the world, and each other, better. More... | Rob Abbott EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Conscious Endeavors: Business, Society and the Journey to Sustainability

Counting What Counts: Turning Corporate Accountability to Competitive Advantage. By Bill Birchard. Companies are moving beyond a “profits only” orientation and are now often "counting" other measures of value. Too often, managers routinely tolerate shortfalls in governance, performance measurement, control systems, and reporting. Counting What Counts outlines a practical approach to invigorating these essential drivers to improve decision making, clarify and communicate strategy, accelerate feedback and learning, and secure stakeholder loyalty – turning accountability into a competitive asset. More… | Bill Birchard EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Counting What Counts: Turning Corporate Accountability to Competitive Advantage

Ecopreneuring: Putting Purpose and the Planet Before Profits. By John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist. Shows how we can earn our daily bread on a local or regional level while saving money, strengthening the economy, and helping restore the planet to ecological health and social stability. Part small business manifesto, part personal finance primer, Ecopreneuring is essential reading for small business owners, prospective entrepreneurs, and anyone who dreams of a livelihood based on independence, creativity, passion, and a commitment to green practices and sustainability. Includes profiles of successful ecopreneurs. As Kindle | More… | John Ivanko EcoSpeakers Info >> | Lisa Kivirist EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Ecopreneuring: Putting Purpose and the Planet Before Profits

Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation. By Medard Gabel. Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 53 are corporations. A handful of corporate giants control most of the world's energy, technology, food, banks, industry, and media. Global, Inc. features a series of full-color maps that make clear the tremendous reach of these corporations as they have spread out across the globe. It is the first book to examine multinational corporations from a truly global perspective, and it offers a penetrating look at one of the most powerful phenomena on the planet in the twenty-first century. More… | Medard Gabel EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Global Inc.: An Atlas of the Multinational Corporation

Homemade For Sale: How To Set Up And Market A Food Business From Your Home Kitchen. By John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist. The first authoritative guide to launching your own home-based food start-up. Packed with profiles of successful “cottage food” entrepreneurs, this comprehensive and accessible resource covers everything you need to get cooking for your customers, creating items that by their very nature are specialized and unique. Forty-two states and many Canadian provinces have enacted recent legislation that encourages home cooks to create and sell a variety of "non-hazardous" food items. As Kindle | More… | John Ivanko EcoSpeakers Info >> | Lisa Kivirist EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Homemade For Sale: How To Set Up And Market A Food Business From Your Home Kitchen

In the Rings of Saturn. By Joe Sherman. A step-by-step account of the progress of Saturn Corporation from its inception through the company's first two years of car production. This compelling narrative explores virtually every aspect of the Saturn project, one of America's biggest and most publicized industrial successes. It brings to life a very American story of renewal and growth, of great hope and soured expectations, of greed and lost opportunities. In the Rings of Saturn is both the anatomy of a corporate triumph and an incisive commentary on industrial renewal in the United States. More... | Joe Sherman EcoSpeakers Info >>

       In the Rings of Saturn

Leading Change Toward Sustainability: A Change-Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil Society. By Bob Doppelt. Describes the process required to move organizations toward sustainability and demystifies sustainability-change by providing a framework and methodology to transform organizations. To significantly slash greenhouse gases and prepare for climate change, organizations of all sizes will need to undergo an enormous shift in their thinking, cultures, practices and policies. Making this shift will require the use of proven sustainability-based organizational change strategies. As Kindle | More… | Bob Doppelt EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Leading Change Toward Sustainability: A Change-Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil Society

Learning from the Links: Mastering Management Using Lessons from Golf. By David Hurst. By examining golfers' and managers' struggles for improvement, Hurst shows us why complex systems are so hard to change and how to set about changing them. Using the latest thinking from fields as diverse as neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and anthropology, his purpose is to help readers make sense of their experience – to help them learn more effectively. Part business management book, part strategy guide, these are more than just lessons for one's game or one's office: these are lessons for life. As Kindle | More… | David Hurst EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Learning from the Links: Mastering Management Using Lessons from Golf

Letting Go: How One Entrepreneur Energized Her Business, Empowered the Next Generation. By Susan Sokol Blosser. At the height of her career, after building and leading one of the most innovative wineries in America, Susan Sokol Blosser made an extraordinary decision – to step away from the work she loved and transition control of the winery to her children. Letting Go speaks to universal themes: transforming family dynamics as the older generation cedes power to the younger; thriving as a woman in an era of changing gender roles; facing aging and staying vital while no longer climbing the career ladder. As Kindle | Susan Sokol Blosser EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Letting Go: How One Entrepreneur Energized Her Business, Empowered the Next Generation

Solar Trillions: 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-Energy Economy. By Tony Seba. Solar Trillions reveals market opportunities worth more than $35 trillion of the $382 trillion the world will spend in energy by 2050. Seba shows immediate as well as long-term market opportunities and why science facts and tech trends make solar inevitable. The opportunities include utility scale solar, industrial solar, solar for islands and remove areas, residential solar, using solar to produce clean water, batteries and energy storage technology, and the smart transmission grid. As Kindle | More… | Tony Seba EcoSpeakers Info >>

       Solar Trillions: 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-Energy Economy

The Sustainable Company: How To Create Lasting Value Through Social And Environmental Performance. By Chris Laszlo. About companies whose policies have enhanced their bottom line by way of reduced waste and cleanup costs, fewer regulatory conflicts, new business opportunities and greater appeal to socially conscious investors and green consumers. The Sustainable Company shows how to create value for shareholders while balancing responsibilities to society and the environment. Its step-by-step approach and tool-kit for managers make it the solutions manual for twenty-first-century managers. As Kindle | More… | Chris Laszlo EcoSpeakers Info >>

       The Sustainable Company: How to Create Lasting Value through Social and Environmental Performance

Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense: A Handbook for Investors, Businesses, Finance Professionals, and Everybody Else. By Gwen Hallsmith. Profiles 28 local investment tools for grassroots investors, businesses, finance professionals, and others. Provides examples of how these ideas are being realized today in Vermont, the state with the strongest local economy movement in the country. Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense also makes clear that the local economy movement can and should be significantly larger everywhere. Using Vermont case studies, it charts the direction that people in all the states can follow. More… | Gwen Hallsmith EcoSpeakers Info >>
       Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense: A Handbook for Investors, Businesses, Finance Professionals, and Everybody Else

More Books

The Innovation Agenda. By Bill Shireman. On at least one point, the right and the left agree. Something is wrong in America. Our political parties are engaged in an angry divorce, each demanding full custody of the nation. After two centuries, America’s purpose and power are being lost, and the prosperity once enjoyed by middle class Americans is dissipating at an alarming rate. The Innovation Agenda proposes a five-point program of tax, energy, and spending reforms – supported by leaders on both the left and right – that can cultivate a more innovative, prosperous, and sustainable future. As Kindle | More… | Bill Shireman EcoSpeakers Info >>

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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: The Business of Sustainability. By Chris Laszlo. Authoritative coverage from experts around the world presents knowledge about ways to restore the planet. Focused on solutions rather than on environmental problems, this work is ideal for twenty-first century students and professionals working to transform our common future. This interdisciplinary print and online publication weaves together knowledge from the natural, physical, and social sciences, and includes sustainability research from ecology to engineering, from geophysics to political science. More… | Chris Laszlo EcoSpeakers Info >>

Building the Strategically-Responsive Organization. By David Hurst. Published in association with the Strategic Management Society, The Wiley Strategic Management Series aims to illustrate the ‘best in global strategic management’ for academics, business practitioners and consultants. This book addresses some of the most significant issues currently facing business strategists, including education, strategic intent, competitive dynamics, industry evolution, strategic change, value chains, and globalization. Balancing theoretical and practical perspectives is also an important consideration in this volume. More… | David Hurst EcoSpeakers Info >>

Dancing With the Tiger - Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step. By Brian Nattrass. For corporations, communities and other organizations, the choreography of the dance toward sustainability has been systematized by The Natural Step: a framework that provides the science, analysis, methodologies and tools to use in the quest for sustainability. This book presents the stories of individuals, teams and organizations learning about change and sustainability, and then acting on that learning. Case studies include some of the most successful companies and communities in North America. As Kindle | More… | Brian Nattrass EcoSpeakers Info >>

Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation: New Investment Techniques. By Peter Fusaro. Provides a comprehensive discussion of energy and environmental project finance in light of new legal and tax rules. Examines cutting edge techniques that are revolutionizing the investment in and financing of projects. Written for practitioners and laymen alike, it arms the reader with knowledge about structuring and financing both conventional and renewable energy projects. It addresses carbon financing and new technologies, including wind, photovoltaic, geothermal, biomass, and new nuclear power. More… | Peter Fusaro EcoSpeakers Info >>

Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing. By John Renesch. Puts forth a vision for historic transformation for all humankind. It pictures a global future full of possibilities – a much “better future” than the one that appears most likely if we rely upon probabilities and forecasts based on existing trends. The author points to the business community as the segment of our society that can best lead the rest of the world in such an incredible transition. Robert Rabbin, author of Invisible Leadership, writes that it is “a brilliant business book, a powerful and passionate page-turner." More… | John Renesch EcoSpeakers Info >>

In Earth’s Company. By Carl Frankel. People are looking increasingly to business to take its share of responsibility for the state of the Earth. Frankel gathers the elements required into a single, comprehensive volume. More... | Carl Frankel EcoSpeakers Info >>

Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers. By Amy Stewart. Takes us inside the world of hybridizers, geneticists, farmers, and florists around the world who have worked to invent, manufacture, and sell flowers that are bigger, brighter, and sturdier than anything nature could provide. What has been gained and what has been lost in tinkering with Mother Nature? Should we care that some roses have lost their scent? Or that most flowers are sprayed with pesticides? As Kindle | More… | Amy Stewart EcoSpeakers Info >>

Lean and Clean Management: How to Boost Profits and Productivity by Reducing Pollution. By Joe Romm. Presents a comprehensive system that aims to help businesses achieve gains through intelligent energy use, "green" office and plant design, and waste-free lean management. More… | Joe Romm EcoSpeakers Info >>

Toward a New Agenda for America: Ideas to Bridge the Left and Right and Move the Nation Forward. By Bill Shireman. This volume consists of the proceedings of The Unconvention COMMIT! Forum at Cipriani Wall Street, October 2-3, 2012. All chapters were written expressly for this publication by Bill Shireman, George P. Schultz, Robert J. Shapiro, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., David A. Stockman, Joan Blades, and several others. It is divided into four sections: Advancing Innovation; Ending Crony Capitalism; Building Energy Security; and Using Technology to Advance Freedom and Sustainability. More… | Bill Shireman EcoSpeakers Info >>

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Gracious & Ruthless: Surprising Strategies for Business Success. By Susan Sokol Blosser.

Sustainable Business | Green Economics & Development

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