Climate Change & Global Warming

Speakers on climate change and global warming cover the science, the current and potential consequences for both the natural world and human civilization, and what can and should be done by individuals, by governments at all levels, and by businesses of all types and sizes.

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Climate Change & Global Warming. Global warming, climate research, strategies and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the impacts of climate change on agriculture, ecosystems, biodiversity, the arctic, glaciers, sea levels, weather, and business (risks and opportunities). More >>

Climate Change & Ecosystem Impacts. Climate change alters far more than temperatures. It modifies rainfall and snowfall patterns, seasonal patterns, winds and severe storms, ocean currents, cloud cover, natural fire patterns, and much more. These changes will impact ecosystems in innumerable ways, many of them detrimental. Climate change is projected as a major source of species extinctions, and it exacerbates problems from forest loss to topsoil loss to desertification to the death of coral reefs. See Raymond Bradley and Tim Foresman.

Climate Change & Extreme Weather. Hurricane Katrina was likely stronger because of warmer Gulf surface water temperatures. All types of extreme weather are projected to be more frequent as a consequence of climate change, and this will cause loss of life, loss of property, increasing insurance losses and premiums, environmental refugees, crop failures, water shortages, energy supply interruptions, more severe wildland fires, and more. See Reese Halter, Evan Mills, Raymond Bradley, and Rob Verchick.

Arctic & High Mountain Ecosystems. These are among the most fragile and endangered ecosystems on the planet. Mountain glaciers are retreating all over the world, and the polar bear was recently acknowledged to be a threatened species - put in jeopardy by the rapidly shrinking arctic sea ice upon which it depends for hunting and survival. See George Divoky, Raymond Bradley, Debbie S. Miller, Arlene Blum, and Tim Foresman.

Environmental Economics. Our economy is entirely dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment, and a sustainable future means rebuilding and restructuring our economy so that is sits on a foundation of environmental sustainability. See Eban Goodstein, Raj Patel, Michel Gelobter, Yoram Bauman, Gil Friend, Bill Shireman, L. Hunter Lovins, Chris Maser, Quiet Riot, and Kate Troll.

Speakers’ Books On Climate Change
& Global Warming Here >>

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