Ecosystem Stewardship

Speakers cover all issues related to the protection and restoration of ecosystems. The emphasis is on large areas – forests, rangelands, coastal zones, etc. Increasingly, those concerned with species extinction are looking to strategies for protecting large areas of habitat. The science involved includes ecology, zoology, and botany as well as more specialized disciplines such as conservation biology.

Speakers’ Books On Protecting
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E Paul R. Ehrlich. Professor of Biological Sciences at Stanford University as well as Chairman of the Board of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford. Cofounder (with Peter H. Raven) of the field of coevolution, he has done field research on every continent. Author of hundreds of scientific papers and more than three dozen books… More >> Paul R. Ehrlich
E Gloria Flora. For her courageous stewardship of public lands, she received the Murie Award from the Wilderness Society, the Environmental Quality Award from the Natural Resources Council of America & the Environmental Hero Award from Sunset Magazine. She was selected as one of the nation's top environmentalists by Vanity Fair… More >> Gloria Flora

E Chris Palmer. A wildlife filmmaker, he founded both National Audubon Society Productions and National Wildlife Productions. His projects have won more than 100 awards, including two Emmys and an Oscar nomination. They have focused on threatened species and habitats, exposed damaging practices, and celebrated successes… More >>

Chris Palmer
E Pete McCloskey. A fifteen-year veteran of the U.S. Congress, he was one of the lead authors of the Endangered Species Act. He was a Co-Chairman of the first Earth Day in 1970, served six years as Congressional Delegate to the International Whaling Conference, and was Congressional Advisor to the Law of the Sea Treaty Delegation… More >>
Pete McCloskey
E Reese Halter. As founder and president of Global Forest Science, he leads a team that encompasses more than 100 scientists from 29 universities in eight countries. Global Forest Science has become a world leader in preserving temperate forests, avoiding ecological disasters, protecting fragile ecosystems, and saving endangered species… More >>
Reese Halter
E Larry Lansburgh. An award-winning documentary filmmaker and veteran of 60 film and video projects, he is the producer, director and writer of Dream People of the Amazon, a video about how a group of indigenous people, the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, came up against the money and power of multinational oil companies – and won… More >>
Larry Lansburgh

E Tim Foresman. He was Executive Science Advisor for the U.N. Environment Programme, launched the U.N.’s Global Marine Monitoring Initiative, worked at NASA to create projections of the regional impacts of global change, and developed groundbreaking digital systems to map the resources and sensitivities of diverse ecosystems… More >>

Tim Foresman

E David Helvarg. War correspondent turned oceans advocate, he is the founder and president of the Blue Frontier Campaign. The Campaign supports and amplifies the voices of groups working on ocean conservation and produces the The Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide. His work has been honored with the Herman Melville Award… More >>

David Helvarg

E Peter Bronski. As an ecologist for Audubon’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program, he consulted with hundreds of schools and businesses in more than twenty countries to protect and enhance wildlife habitat, protect streams, rivers and lakes, and minimize risks to wildlife and landowners. He holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell. More >>

Peter Bronski
E Rick Johnson. In a decade as executive director of the Idaho Conservation League, he has helped grow its size, impact, and credibility. He is a recognized leader in conservation strategy and organizational development, and he serves on the boards of the Campaign for America's Wilderness and the American Wilderness Coalition… More >>
Reese Halter
E Jim Bowyer. Chairman of the Tropical Forest Foundation, Scientific Advisor to the Temperate Forest Foundation, and Vice-President of the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials. He is expert in forest policy and environmental life cycle analysis, has authored 190 articles and a best-selling textbook… More >>
Jim Bowyer

E Alfredo Quarto. As Executive Director and co-founder of the Mangrove Action Project, he focuses on the protection of these critical wetland ecosystems. He has consulted on the Biodiversity Exhibit at The American Museum of Natural History, written for Science and Biodiversity Journal, and spoken at the Global Biodiversity Forum… More >>

Alfredo Quarto
E John Seed. A pioneer in establishing and spread- ing the concepts of deep ecology, he coauthored (with Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming, and Arne Naess) Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of All Beings. This classic has now been translated into ten languages. In 1979, he founded the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia… More >> John Seed
E Jerry Meral. He served as Deputy Director of the California Department of Water Resources, as Western Water Resources Director of Environmental Defense, and as Executive Director of the Planning and Conservation League. He won the National River Conservation Award as well as awards from the Sierra Club and many others…More >> Jerry Meral

Speakers’ Books On Protecting
& Restoring Nature Here >>

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