The Long-Term Future

Speakers cover all aspects of thinking about and planning for the long-term future. This includes long-range planning in multiple fields, long-range trend projections, scenario planning, futurism or futurology as a discipline, projections and forecasting of future problems and opportunities, long-range strategic planning, visioning processes, and long-term change management.

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Planning For The Future. The speakers listed below cover one or more facets of analysis and planning for the long-term future. See John Renesch, Duane Elgin, Paul Ehrlich, and Karen Walz.

Endangered Species & Wildlife Habitat. We are currently experiencing the greatest mass extinction of species in 70 million years. Efforts to halt this decline, save individual species, and preserve and restore habitat areas are vitally important for a wide range of reasons. See Chris Palmer, Roger Payne, Katie Alvord, Pete McCloskey, Reese Halter, David Helvarg, George Divoky, Peter Bronski, Rusty Johnson, Rob Caughlan, Alfredo Quarto, Wil Burns, and Rick Johnson.

Speakers’ Books On The
Long-Term Future Here >>

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We are constantly on the lookout for the best new speakers on all aspects of analysis and planning for the long-term future… speakers with the most important ideas and the most dynamic presentations. We are also always open to ideas for new related topics. Send us your speaker or topic suggestions here.

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We are working now on new topic pages in the areas listed below. They will be added here as they become available.

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