Climate Change & Global Warming

Speakers cover climate change, climate research, strategies and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the impacts of global warming and extreme weather on agriculture, ecosystems, biodiversity, the arctic, glaciers, sea levels, and business risks and opportunities.

Speakers’ Books On Climate Change
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E Denis Hayes. Organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970, former Stanford professor and Director of the federal National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He is a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society and co-chairs Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection, exploring non-nuclear climate solutions… More >>

Denis Hayes

E Joe Romm. Author, physicist and renowned global warming blogger, he is described by U.S. News & World Report as “one of the most influential energy and environmental policy makers in the Obama era.” Time magazine credits him with “the most cogent, memorable, and deployable arguments for immediate overwhelming action (on) global warming”… More >>

Joe Romm

E Christine Ervin. Appointed by President Clinton to serve as Assistant Secretary of Energy, her office led development of most of the President’s 50 Climate Change Action Plan initiatives and the influential "Five Labs Study" documenting the potential of low-carbon technologies. She is an advisor to The Climate Trust… More >>

Christine Ervin

E Roger Ballentine. A senior member of the White House staff for President Clinton, he was Chairman of the Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives. He directed the Administration's efforts on climate change and represented the President in numerous international meetings and negotiations… More >>

Roger Ballentine
E Terry Tamminen. He worked to help Arnold Schwarzenegger become Governor of California, was appointed Secretary of the California EPA, and was instrumental in developing California's landmark carbon emission cap and trade law. His Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction proposes a sustainable energy strategy… More >>
Terry Tamminen

E Yoram Bauman. Both an environmental economist and a stand up comedian, he focuses serious attention on climate change economics. His book Tax Shift advocates using tax incentives to reduce greenhouse emissions, and his Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change brings the economic dimensions of climate disruption to lay audiences… More >>

Yoram Bauman

E Dan Grossman. A journalist and media producer focused on the science and impacts of global warming, he has received many of the most prestigious awards in science journalism. He shares a Peabody Award, the highest honor in broadcast journalism, and he has written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Scientific AmericanMore >>

Dan Grossman

E Michel Gelobter. He is the founder and chairman of Cooler, Inc., a for-profit social venture and buying network helping businesses and consumers reduce or offset their carbon emissions. He is a past president of Redefining Progress, and under his leadership it took part in the design of the world’s most aggressive climate legislation… More >>

Michel Gelobter

E Roberta Bondar. Astronaut and nature photographer, she is featured – camera in hand floating during spaceflight – in the IMAX movie Destiny In Space. Bondar flew on the shuttle Discovery, and has worked to understand shifting ecosystems and the effects of global warming, especially with regard to disease transmission and human health… More >>

Roberta Bondar
E Reese Halter. Author of Wild Weather: The Truth Behind Global Warming, he describes the relationship between global warming and our increasingly "wild" weather. As President of Global Forest Science, he initiated long-term studies using the health of trees, plants and animals as a barometer of the ecosystem impacts of global warming… More >>
Reese Halter
E Evan Mills. A scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, he documented the role of climate change in the rapid growth of weather-related insurance claims. He is widely cited as expert on the issue, was lead author on it for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and wrote a seminal article for Science magazine… More >> Evan Mills

E George Divoky. A scientist whose observations of seabirds provides one of the best examples of the reality of global warming in the arctic, his presentations focus on understanding climate change and its impacts. Denis Hayes describes his presentation as "hilarious, poignant, provocative, compelling. He held the crowd rapt…" More >>

George Divoky

E Eban Goodstein. Executive Director of the Green House Network, a non-profit organization doing public education on global warming. It sponsors "The Race to Stop Global Warming," a run/walk now in cities nationwide, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco. He has given more than 100 presentations on global warming around the country… More >>

Eban Goodstein

E Raymond Bradley. Director of the Climate System Research Center at the University of Massachusetts, he has written or edited eleven books on climatic change and paleoclimatology. He has been an advisor on climate issues to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change… More >>

Raymond Bradley

E Francesca Lyman. Author of The Greenhouse Trap: What We're Doing to the Atmosphere and How We Can Slow Global Warming, she is an award-winning journalist, author and editor. For the last five years she has written the "Your Environment" column for, and she has served as editor of The Amicus Journal and Not Man ApartMore >>

Francesca Lyman

E Bob Doppelt. Director of The Climate Leadership Initiative, part of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment at the University of Oregon, he authored Leading Change Toward Sustainability: A Change-Management Guide for Business, Government and Civil Society. It was deemed to be one of the nine most important books on sustainability… More >>

Bob Doppelt

E Jim Motavalli. Editor of E Magazine, a national environmental bi-monthly, as well as editor of the book Feeling the Heat: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Climate Change. He has written for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Salon, Grist, and many others. An engaging speaker, he can enlighten audiences about climate change… More >>

Jim Motavalli
E Tim Foresman. As Co-Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation's Long-Term Ecosystem Monitoring Program in the mid-1990s, he focused on detailing the scientific evidence for climate change. At NASA Headquarters, his work aimed to create accurate projections of the local and regional impacts of climate change… More >> Tim Foresman

E Linda Mason Hunter. A nationally recognized expert on healthy homes and green lifestyles, she has researched and written eleven books as well as hundreds of articles and tips for green living. She applies this extensive body of green home and lifestyle information to offer a presentation on how you can reduce your carbon footprint… More >>

Linda Mason Hunter

E Wil Burns. He specializes in the scientific, legal and political issues related to climate change and biodiversity. He has edited two books, and his articles have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, and The Milwaukee Sentinel. He speaks on the impacts of global warming and what we can do about it… More >>

Wil Burns

Speakers’ Books On Climate Change
& Global Warming Here >>

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