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Speakers cover all aspects of sustainable architecture, including green design and building for homes as well as for commercial, industrial, educational, and public structures and developments, renovation, remodeling, interior design, infrastructure, and landscaping. Speakers cover building methods and materials, LEED standards, certification of lumber and forest products, energy and water efficiency, use of natural light and renewable energy, use of recycled materials, prevention of offgassing and indoor air pollution, regenerative design, and unconventional techniques such as straw bale, cordwood, adobe, and rammed earth construction.

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Green Design & Building. Green building, including architectural design, materials specification, and construction practices, is growing very rapidly in all sectors and markets. More >>

Green Interior Design. The field of green interior design involves use of space and natural lighting, choice and placement of furnishings, appliances, and lighting, and selection of wall and floor finishes and coverings. More >>

Schools & Hospitals Design & Building. These buildings offer special opportunities and present unique challenges. They have occupants and stakeholders with special needs and a distinctive perspective on and interest in green building. See Hillary Brown, Jerry Yudelson, Alan Whitson, Eric Huffman, and Dan Chiras.

Regenerative & Integrative Design. We should design buildings to produce net benefits to our ecological and social environments. Regenerative design involves an ethic of care and a connection with the spirit of place. The best green buildings apply systems thinking for the optimum integration of natural, social, and engineered systems and technologies. See Bill Reed and Gil Friend.

Green Remodeling & Renovation. Many green options are available when remodeling or renovating a home or other building. Many environmentally desirable changes, such as retrofitting for energy and water efficiency or installation of renewable energy equipment, are most easily and economically accomplished when incorporated into a remodeling or renovation project. See Carl Seville, Chris Prelitz, Linda Mason Hunter, Dan Chiras, David Bergman, Eric Huffman, and Robin Pharo.

Unconventional Green Building Materials & Techniques. Many alternatives to standard wood frame construction are possible, and between them they have a wide variety of advantages - environmental, economic, and performance - under a wide variety of circumstances. See Dan Chiras, Chris Prelitz, Michelle Kaufmann, Jason McLennan, Joe Kennedy, and Rob Roy.

Speakers’ Books On Green Building,
Materials & Design Here >>

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