Sustainable Lifestyles

Speakers cover all aspects of green lifestyles and consumer choices. In addition to the obvious career, housing, transportation, dietary and consumer purchasing decisions that impact sustainability, everything from planning vacations to raising kids, from saving for your retirement to planning your own funeral, can be undertaken in a more environmentally sustainable manner. And a green lifestyle need not be dull, boring, or drab, but instead it can be fun, colorful, and stylish.

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Green Lifestyles & Consumer Choices. People often strive to embody their environmental values and goals in how they live, how they buy, consume, dress, eat, travel, recreate, and much more. See Joyce Rouse, Josh Dorfman, Denis Hayes, Linda Mason Hunter, Betsy Rosenberg, Zoe Weil, Robin Pharo, Wendy Brawer, Mark Spellun, Katie Alvord, Lisa Kivirist, Diane MacEachern, Michel Gelobter, Mark Harris, Dan Chiras, Ellis Jones, and Annie Bond.

Simple Living. Simple living, often called voluntary simplicity, is a lifestyle embraced for reasons ranging from environmental and ethical concerns to achieving better work-life balance. More >>

Sustainable Eating. Eating to have a lower environmental footprint and be more sustainable. Includes food selection, buying choices, preparation, and disposal of food and packaging wastes. More >>

Organic & Natural Food & Cooking. Understanding, locating, evaluating, buying, cooking, and serving organic and natural foods. See Matt Levine, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, David Steinman, Lisa Kivirist, John Ivanko, Susan Sokol Blosser, Denis Hayes, and Annie Bond.

Vegetarian Diets. Vegetarian diets can have a wide range of environmental and health benefits. In addition, vegetarianism avoids complicity with the factory methods of animal raising and slaughter that many find cruel and morally indefensible. See Jim Motavalli, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, Rae Sikora, Lisa Kivirist, and David Blume.

Careers That Make A Difference. Whether starting a career upon leaving school, making a mid-life career shift, starting a business, or adding a green dimension to a business already underway, your career or business decisions can make a real difference in the world. See Melissa Everett, Natalia Allen, and Diane MacEachern.

Ecotourism & Sustainable Travel. Ecotourism and recreation travel can be planned to minimize environmental harm and to promote both sustainable development and the protection of natural areas, natural resources, and local communities. Topics include nature and adventure travel, agritourism and geotourism, transformational and experiential travel, green cruises, and the sustainable management of travel businesses. More >>

Green Style, EcoFashion & Design. Covers green fashion, or eco-fashion, contemporary eco-friendly furniture and furnishings, and the movement among the next generation of environmental leaders to pioneer a hip and stylish environmentalism. More >>

Organic Clothing & Fiber Products. Producing cotton and other fibers organically reduces harmful agricultural runoff, protects farmworkers, and may in some cases produce a product containing fewer trace chemicals. See Summer Rayne Oakes and Lynda Fassa.

Green Parenting. Parents, care-givers, teachers, extended family and others with roles in raising and educating kids often want to know what they can do to help kids appreciate the natural world and understand the importance of stewardship. At the same time, greening the practical elements of parenting, from cloth diapers to healthy baby food to non-toxic toys, is an important part of a green lifestyle and beneficial and healthful for kids. And to complete the picture, exposing kids to the natural world is increasingly thought by many to play an important role in healthy emotional and intellectual development. See Dan Chiras, Zoe Weil, Lynda Fassa, and Michael Castleman.

Women & Sustainability. Women make many choices and have many opportunities to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable world. They may also have special and especially powerful motives to make such contributions. See Diane MacEachern, Ann Goodman, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Rob Verchick.

Speakers’ Books On Sustainable
Lifestyles Here >>

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