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All things, even the most serious, have comical dimensions. Poking fun at ourselves can be an antidote to losing perspective, to seeing ourselves and our views without self-critical awareness. At the same time, humor can be a way to communicate around barriers, a way to get past resistance, and a way to communicate with surprising emotional depth. And, it must be said, during a long conference filled with serious or even ominous presentations, a little comic relief can be, well, a relief.

E Quiet Riot. A team of two brothers, Bill Mettler, Executive Storyteller, and David Mettler, Person in Charge of Noises and Opportunities. Quiet Riot has given more than 5000 presentations to educational, theatre, government, corporate, and environmental audiences. They combine comedy, mime, storytelling, music and sound effects to examine a range of environmental issues - sustainability, eco-economics, global warming, peak oil, renewable energy, conservation, and green communities. Quiet Riot has presented to NASA's Goddard Space Center, the UN Earth Charter Summit, the Sustainable Business Network, the Earth Policy Institute, and the Washington D.C. Green Festival… More >>

E Bob Hirschfeld. Using satire that is clean, organically funny and sustainable, he lampoons greening in business. His humor has appeared in Newsweek, The Washington Post and USA Today. For several years, he was a contributing writer for "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, and Jay calls him "one of the top satirists in the country"… More >> Bob Hirschfeld

E Jeff Wozer. A nationally touring stand-up comedian based out of the world famous Comedy Works in Denver, he does nearly 300 shows a year. He mixes humor with environmental commentary, putting a human touch on green issues. His outdoor humor, he explains, allows him to "write-off freeze dried beef burgundy as a business meal"… More >>

Jeff Wozer

E Yoram Bauman. The world's first and only "stand-up economist," he has performed at New York's Improv, Boston's Comedy Connection, and at many other venues. His green comedy combines economics, politics, and environmental advocacy in ways both funny and thoughtful. At Seattle's Comedy Underground, he runs a comedy benefit… More >>

Yoram Bauman

E Lori Weiss. Building a wide range of environmental issues into her act, she pokes fun at all sides. She has performed for Xerox and Waste Management, at comedy clubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, and on E! Entertainment, Rascals Comedy Hour, and The Love Boat. She has also done environmental news segments on CNN, NBC and ABC… More >>

Lori Weiss

E Chris Palmer. A wildlife filmmaker and stand-up comedian whose film projects have won two Emmys, an Oscar nomination, and more than 100 awards, his presentation is a mixture of stand-up, humorous anecdotes, and stories about making wildlife films that are entertaining, dramatic, and make a point about the need for more conservation… More >>

Chris Palmer

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