Workshops & Training Programs

Workshops and training programs may run two hours, a half day, a full day, two days, or even more. They may involve small groups or large, they may be public or provided internally within businesses or other organizations. Their common denominator is that they focus on the nuts and bolts of making environmentally desirable things actually happen.

Green Building. Workshops cover building design, interior design, building methods, remodeling, selection and procurement of materials, unconventional building methods, LEED standards and accreditation, conduct of design charrettes, living buildings, regenerative design, place-based design, construction and demolition debris, interior air quality, and landscaping design. Speakers who offer workshops and training programs in this field include Dan Chiras, William Reed, Jerry Yudelson, and Hillary Brown.

Sustainable Food. Eating more sustainably involves many areas of knowledge and skill - growing, selecting, buying, storing, preparing, disposing of uneaten food and other wastes, and clean up. Speakers who offer workshops and training programs in this field include Laura Stec, David Blume, and Steve Brill.

Social Marketing. Traditional marketing may not be effective in actually stimulating the changes in behavior upon which so many environmental improvements depend. Social marketing workshops focus on how to implement effective programs to promote these changes in behavior. Speakers who offer workshops and training programs in this field include Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Nancy Lee, and Annette Frahm.

Send Us Your Suggestions…

We are constantly on the lookout for the best new workshops and training programs as well as for skilled workshop and training program leaders and presenters. Send us your suggestions here.

Workshops We Will Offer…

We are working now to develop new workshops and training programs. They will be added here as they become available.

Green Jobs & Careers
Saving Energy In Home & Lifestyle
Employee Empowerment & Change
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Sustainable Performance Measurement & Reporting
Green Purchasing
Green Facilities Management
Preventing Indoor Air Pollution
Lowering Your Carbon Footprint
Urban Tree Selection, Planting & Care
Pollution Prevention In Home & Lifestyle
Sustainable Landscaping
Simple Living & Work-Life Balance
Promoting Local Green Economic Development
Brownfield Development
Revitalizing City Cores & Historic Downtown Areas
Citizen Participation In Land Use & Transportation Planning
Overcoming Barriers To Smart Growth
Green Marketing for Businesses
Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement for Businesses
Environmental Health & Safety: Identifying & Mitigating Risks
Total Quality Environmental Management
Using Renewable Energy At Home (passive solar, solar water, wind, daylighting)
Improving Vehicle Fleet Management
Promoting Transportation Alternatives To Employees (TDM)
Fighting Climate Change With Lifestyle & Consumer Choices
Water Efficiency in Business
Sustainable & Healthy Food: Selection, Purchasing & Preparation
Home Food Gardening
Sustainable Lifestyles & Consumer Choices
Sustainable Travel & Recreation
Green Parenting
Sustainable Saving & Investing
Reducing Toxics In The Home & Workplace
EH&S For Business
Environmental Education & Organizing
Media Promotion of Green Campaigns
Techniques of Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Lobbying for Green Issues
Greening Schools & Universities
Greening Educational Curricula

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