Theatrical, Visual & Nature Programs

Programs include artistic and creative shows and performances with environmental themes, nature and outdoor adventure photographic and video visual presentations, eco-fashion shows, live animal and wildlife shows, poetry and storytelling.

Theatrical Performances. Green ideas, messages and themes can often be conveyed in performances – theatrical, interpretive readings, and the like. See Roger Payne and Lisa Harrow in SeaChange, the brothers Bill and David Mettler as Quiet Riot, and Zoe Weil in her humorous and entertaining one-woman show My Ongoing Problems with Kindness: Confessions of MOGO Girl.

Nature – Visual Programs. Some programs on nature subjects come with stunning visuals – slides and/or video. See Tim Palmer, Ric O’Barry, Debbie S. Miller, Chris Palmer, Roberta Bondar, Max Finkelstein, John Ivanko, Daniel Dancer, and Richard Roshon.

Environmental Photography & Video. The hows, the whys, the experience, and the stunningly beautiful, educational and motivational results of environmental and nature photography and video. See Chris Palmer, Ric O’Barry, Tim Palmer, Larry Lansburgh, Roberta Bondar, Max Finkelstein, John Ivanko, Josh Tickell, Daniel Dancer, Rob Caughlan, and Dave Wann.

Outdoor Adventure. Covers nature travel of all kinds - mountain climbing, river canoeing, ocean kayaking, rainforest excursions. See Arlene Blum, Peter Bronski, Max Finkelstein, Rusty Johnson, Tim Palmer, Debbie S. Miller, George Divoky, and Richard Roshon.

Send Us Your Suggestions…

We are constantly on the lookout for the best new people and groups in all aspects of green theatrical, visual and nature programs. We are also always open to ideas for new types of creative programs. Send us your suggestions here.

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