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Speakers cover green and sustainable manufacturing and industry, industrial ecology, green chemistry, zero waste and zero discharge manufacturing, closed loop manufacturing processes, pollution prevention, green product design, design for recycling, total quality environmental management, hazardous and toxic waste management, green packaging and printing, and whistleblower protection.

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Environmental Health & Safety. Exposure to toxic and hazardous materials in the workplace is an important environmental health concern. Addressing this issue more effectively is beneficial not only for workers but also for the businesses that pay health and workers’ compensation claims. See Jack Giampalmi and Richard MacLean.

Green Printing & Paper. Selection of paper type and printing technology can have major environmental consequences. See Don Carli, Tom Kemper, and Thomas Rymsza.

Environmental Whistleblowers & Whistleblower Protection. When a governmental agency, business, or other organization is hiding environmental misbehavior or negligence, often we depend on whistleblowers to learn the truth and force a change in behavior. These truth-tellers often pay a price, and protecting them is the way we'll get the truth out more often. See Gloria Flora, Linda Ferguson, and Richard Renner.

Environmental Economics. Our economy is entirely dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment, and a sustainable future means rebuilding and restructuring our economy so that is sits on a foundation of environmental sustainability. See Eban Goodstein, Raj Patel, Michel Gelobter, Yoram Bauman, Gil Friend, Bill Shireman, L. Hunter Lovins, Chris Maser, Quiet Riot, and Kate Troll.

Speakers’ Books On Industry
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