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Speakers cover transportation issues and alternatives, including fuel efficient and alternative fuel cars, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, and CNG vehicles, biofuels including ethanol, cellulostic ethanol, and biodiesel, commuter and mass transit including buses, trains, ferries, and trolleys, commute alternatives including ridesharing, carsharing, carpooling, and vanpooling, driving practices including trip planning, fuel efficient driving habits, and fleet management, and carbon offsets for transportation.

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Transport Alternatives. Alternatives to the automobile, alternative vehicle fuels and vehicle technologies, history of transit, and environmental impacts of transportation systems. More >>

Car Choices. The choice of what type of car to buy is clearly one of the most important sustainability-related consumer choices an individual makes. Businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all kinds can likewise make a huge impact with their choice of vehicles. See Betsy Rosenberg, Jim Motavalli, and Bill Moore.

Efficient Use of Cars. More efficient use of cars produces environmental benefits similar to choosing more efficient types of cars. More efficient use can include ridesharing, carsharing, trip planning, and fuel-efficient driving habits. See Jim Movavalli and Bill Moore.

Biofuels & Other Alternative Transportation Fuels. Biofuels are growing rapidly, and they involve both promise and risk. They include biodiesel, ethanol from corn, ethanol from other starchy plants, cellulostic ethanol, and more. Plug in hybrids are opening the door again to electricity as a transportation energy source, and fuel cells offer the prospect of hydrogen and methane as transportation fuels. Vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) are also an option, especially for fleet owners. See Josh Tickell, Bill Moore, David Blume, and Jim Motavalli.

Alternative Auto Technologies. This covers a wide range of evolving technologies, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, natural gas powered vehicles, electric cars, and more. See Bill Moore and Jim Motavalli.

Planning Land Use & Transportation Together. The environmental, economic and community benefits of planning land use and transportation together are substantial. See Richard Carson and Dom Nozzi.

Speakers’ Books On Transportation
& Mobility Here >>

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