Facilitating & Moderating Discussions

Group Process Facilitation. Skilled process facilitation can improve the prospects for successful meeting outcomes. We work with a few people who practice this art. They include Chris Maser, Katie Alvord, and Melissa Everett.

Green Design Facilitation. Green design is a process that often requires understanding and melding the interests and concerns of a significant number of stakeholders. At the same time, the many technical, economic, aesthetic, and materials factors considered in the design process often yields considerable complexity and the need to make careful tradeoff decisions. Skilled facilitation, using charrettes and related consultative mechanisms, can be invaluable. We represent several people who offer such facilitative services, including Nathan Good, Jerry Yudelson, William Reed, Hillary Brown, and Vivian Manasc.

Discussion & Panel Moderators. EcoSpeakers offers the services of skilled program, panel, and discussion moderators. Whether it is for an “in discussion with” program or for a panel requiring high level moderating skills, such services can add value to many programs. See Betsy Rosenberg and Don Carli.

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