War, Sustainability & National Security

Speakers cover war, peace and national security as they relate to sustainability. Although often not recognized, our national security has important connections to environmental sustainability. For example, when a nation's energy supply is more secure and sustainable (localized and renewable), the pressure to go to war to protect an energy supply abroad is reduced. On the other hand, civil wars and refugee-related military conflicts can increase when human populations are threatened by a diminished supply of food, water, or other natural resources due to climate change, overpopulation, or mismanagement.

In addition to the specific topics and speakers described just below, future speakers added to this page will also cover peak oil, overshoot and collapse, geopolitics, conflict resolution, nuclear power and weapons proliferation, disarmament and reducing arms spending, peace studies, and anti-war activism.

Speakers’ Books On Sustainability
National Security & War Here >>

Sustainability & National Security. The speakers listed below cover one or more facets of sustainability and national security. They cover refugees, food and water shortages, failed states, overpopulation, climate change and security, the national security costs of our oil addiction, the costs of terrorism and our response to it on future generations, religious voices for peace and sustainability, creating a more peaceful global community, and how the wars of the 20th century have been related to oil. See Terry Tamminen, Chris Maser, Roger S. Gottlieb, Rae Sikora, and Quiet Riot.

Speakers’ Books On Sustainability
National Security & War Here >>

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We are constantly on the lookout for the best new speakers on all aspects of sustainability, national security and war… speakers with the most important ideas and the most dynamic presentations. We are also always open to ideas for new related topics. Send us your speaker or topic suggestions here.

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We are working now on new topic pages in the areas listed below. They will be added here as they become available.

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