Population & Carrying Capacity

Speakers cover global population growth, population stabilization, carrying capacity, overshoot and the collapse of populations, and more. Our world's finite natural resources are being stretched thinner and thinner as the global population increases. Conflicts over water, food, land, energy, and other resources will increase and intensify if population continues to grow. Problems will also be exacerbated by more people moving up the food chain and otherwise adopting consumer lifestyles. Population stabilization is a critical prerequisite for environmental sustainability.

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Population. The United States has recently passed the 300 million population mark and is headed we’re told toward 400 million by mid-century. This will make many of our environmental and social challenges more difficult to meet. At the same time, many of the world’s poorest countries continue to grow the fastest, making their task of escaping poverty next to impossible. See Paul Ehrlich, Rob Caughlan, Pete McCloskey, Jim Motavalli, and Doug La Follette.

Ecology & Ecosystems. This topic involves the relationships between organisms and their interactions with the environment. An ecosystem is generally an area or habitat in which physical elements, such as rocks and soil, function along with interdependent plants and animals to create a stable system. Central to the ecosystem concept is the idea that living organisms interact with every other element in their local environment. See Paul Ehrlich, Wallace ‘J’ Nichols, John Seed, Peter Bronski, Reese Halter, Alfredo Quarto, George Divoky, Jim Bowyer, and Tim Foresman.

Speakers’ Books On Population
& Carrying Capacity Here >>

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