Solid Waste & Recycling

E Lisa Skumatz. Widely recognized for her pioneering work on market-based incentive or "Pay As You Throw" solid waste programs, she is an expert on their design, effects, and practical realities. Her articles have appeared in more than forty solid waste journals, and she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Recycling Coalition… More >>
Lisa Skumatz
E Richard Gertman. A pioneer in integrated waste management recognized nationwide, he has been Recycling Manager for San Jose, Waste Management Director for California for R.W. Beck, and on the staff of the California Waste Management Board. He served on the boards of the National Recycling Coalition and the California Resource Recovery Assn… More >>
Richard Gertman
E Ron Sherga. He has been a leader in plastics recycling for thirty years in North America and Asia, Europe and Latin America. Having designed or managed a dozen recycling facilities as well as managed or owned facilities responsible for reusing two billion pounds of scrap plastics, he is an expert on improved plastic recycling methods… More >>
Ron Sherga

E Marty Metro. Founder and CEO of Used Cardboard Boxes Inc. and an innovator in resource recovery, his work has been covered by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He speaks about the results achieved by resource reuse – the key middle term of the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle”… More >>

Marty Metro
E Don Carli. An expert in recycling, environmentally preferable procurement, and responsible enterprise printing, Carli is the Technology Editor of Print on Demand magazine, Consulting Editor to Digital Imaging and Aktuel Grafisk Information magazines, and has written for PrintMedia, Printing Impressions, Booktech, and several other publications… More >>
Don Carli
E Tom Kemper. He is President of Dolphin Blue, a supplier of recycled office supplies as well as specialty fiber papers and related environmentally responsible products. He is also a founder and co-chair of Sustainable Dallas, a nonprofit organization that showcases socially and environmentally responsible corporate business practices… More >>
Tom Kemper
E Betsy Rosenberg. A veteran of CBS Radio News with a specialty in environmental reporting, she launched EcoTalk - formerly TrashTalk - on KCBS Radio in San Francisco in 1997. She has produced and hosted more than 1300 segments covering the green lifestyle from a "news-you-can-use" angle. She describes a 12-step program for waste-a-holics… More >>
Betsy Rosenberg

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