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Speakers cover renewable energy sources including solar electric, solar thermal, wind, ethanol, biodiesel, geothermal, microhydro, tidal power, ocean thermal, and others. They cover saving energy through efficiency, conservation, cogeneration and distributed generation, and they discuss hydrogen as a means of storing and conveying energy. Speakers also deal with the plethora of impacts and issues associated with conventional energy sources, including oil, coal, natural gas, oil shale, tar sands, nuclear power, and large scale hydroelectric generation. Issues include ecosystem impacts and protection, air pollution, greenhouse gases, peak oil and gas, supply interruptions, national security, and the economic impacts of demand outstripping supply.

Speakers’ Books On Energy
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Renewable Energy. Renewable energy includes solar photovoltaic, passive solar, daylighting, wind power, biomass, biodiesel, other biofuels, ocean thermal, hydrogen, and fuel cells. More >>

Saving Energy: Efficiency & Conservation. Energy efficiency and conservation in existing homes, new housing, and residential appliances as well as in commercial, industrial, public, school, and university buildings and facilities, in industrial processes, and in transportation. More >>

ANWR: Oil Vs. Preservation. The debate about extracting oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is likely to keep coming back every time the oil supply seems short, and that may be often in the years ahead. The protection of this refuge will take constant vigilance. See Debbie S. Miller, Darcy Hitchcock, Dune Lankard, George Divoky, and Wil Burns.

Energy Policy. Where should we be going in terms of our sources and uses of energy? Once we decide where we should go, what means should we use to get there? New or expanded subsidies? Remove destructive subsidies? Support for research and development? Market mechanisms? Green taxes? Regulations? Incentives? See Roger Ballentine, L. Hunter Lovins, Terry Tamminen, and Denis Hayes.

Dam Construction & Removal. The construction or removal of a dam is often a hot issue around which a community, a region or a country will struggle for years or even decades. There are no easy answers, but it is an area that continues to be a focus of intense attention. See Mark Dubois and Jacques Leslie.

Bioenergy & Biofuels. Energy from biomass is a complex and growing field involving difficult tradeoffs. Making ethanol from corn is increasingly viewed negatively. On the other hand, it seems fairly clear that biofuels have a role to play in creating a sustainable energy future. Between these poles, issues involve conserving natural lands, forests, and ecosystems, preserving carbon sinks in soils, ensuring an actual net benefit in terms of energy yield and carbon emissions, and a host of related concerns. See Josh Tickell, David Blume, and Dan Chiras.

Speakers’ Books On Energy
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