River & Lake Protection & Restoration

Speakers cover protecting and restoring rivers and lakes. Freshwater ecosystems can be threatened by urban and industrial wastewater discharges, excessive diversion of river flows for human use, dams and reservoirs, urban development, riparian and lakeshore development, wetland loss, forestry operations, agricultural runoff and related soil erosion, and more. Speakers also cover river recreation, canoeing, river expeditions, and river adventure travel, and these talks often include stunning photography and/or video.

Speakers’ Books On Water
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E Rob Caughlan. Friends of the River was founded in his living room, and he helped launch an historic grass roots campaign to stop construction of a dam on California’s Stanislaus River. Although it failed to save the Stanislaus, the effort mobilized thousands of activists, and the organization continues today to protect wild rivers… More >> Rob Caughlan
E Jacques Leslie. Author of Deep Water: The Epic Struggle over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment, he wrote a Harper's cover story on international water scarcity entitled “Running Dry: What Happens When the World No Longer Has Enough Freshwater?” He speaks on dams and their relationships to rivers and water supplies… More >>
Jacques Leslie
E Tim Palmer. A photographer and author of sixteen books on the environment, rivers, and adventure travel, he has been recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Rivers, named one of the nation's ten top river conservationists by Paddler Magazine, and his book The Columbia won the National Outdoor Book Award… More >>
Tim Palmer
E Mark Dubois. Co-founder Friends of the River. He captured national headlines when he chained himself to the bedrock of the Stanislaus River Canyon as a new reservoir filled. While his action forced only a temporary reprieve for the Stanislaus, the movement to protect rivers brought a halt to major dam building in the United States More >>
Mark Dubois
E Max Finkelstein. Author of Canoeing a Continent: On the Trail of Alexander Mackenzie. A contributor to Kanawa, Paddler Magazine, and River Magazine, his presentations include slides and/or video and focus on historic and contemporary expeditions, descriptions of the tapestry of waterscapes, and the importance of our river heritage More >>
Max Finkelstein
E Jerry Meral. He was Deputy Director of the California Department of Water Resources, Western Water Resources Director of Environmental Defense, and for 20 years Executive Director of the Planning and Conservation League. His work has been widely recognized and honored. He received the National River Conservation Award… More >> Jerry Meral

Speakers’ Books On Water
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