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E Joel Hirschhorn. When he was with the National Governors Association, his New Community Design to the Rescue became the most widely disseminated report ever issued by the NGA. His book, Sprawl Kills, details how health is harmed by sprawl. Recognized nationally as a leading advocate of innovative design, he speaks on smart growth… More >> Joel Hirschhorn
E Karen Walz. The founder of Strategic Community Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in innovative, consensus-based community planning, Karen Walz has provided services for communities in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. She served as Executive Director of The Dallas Plan… More >> Karen Walz
E Dom Nozzi. Author of Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It, he has developed land use, transportation and environmental elements of city plans and managed Boulder’s growth rate control system. He champions pedestrian friendly design and contributed to New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the FutureMore >> Dom Nozzi
E Richard Carson. Director of Community Develop- ment for the fastest growing county in the State of Washington, he has also served as the Director of Planning for Portland's regional government. He speaks with candor and humor about the realities of planning, addressing smart growth, new urbanism, and regional and statewide programs… More >>
Richard Carson
E Richard Register. He leads the nonprofit Ecocity Builders, and he engages audiences with a present- ation featuring cities - from Curitiba to Berkeley to Berlin - implementing sustainable development. He links sprawl to problems from global warming to species extinction, but he focuses primarily on what is being done to craft solutions More >>
Richard Register
E Gary Schoennauer. As a big city planning director, he was a key leader in turning San Jose from sprawl to smart growth. After leading the process to create a new general plan focusing on infill, he managed implementation for the next two decades. He tells audiences how planning really works - beyond the textbooks, and from both sides… More >> Gary Schoennauer

Speakers’ Books On Communities
& Development Here >>

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