Marielle Anzelone

Marielle AnzeloneAs an urban ecologist, Mariellé Anzelone works to preserve and restore the natural beauty and botanical diversity of New York City. The official municipal Plant Ecologist since 2001, she manages projects in the City's 12,000 acres of forests, meadows, and wetlands. She champions the use of native plants in both public landscaping projects and private gardens.

Anzelone’s work in saving and restoring the diversity of plant species in the five boroughs has been featured in The New York Times, Native Plants magazine, Scholastic News, Grist, and The Huffington Post, as well as on BBC Radio and numerous metro area television and radio programs. She is the author of a chapter in the all-region handbook Great Natives for Tough Places, published by the famous Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Through her own landscape management firm, Anzelone creates ecological designs and native plant palettes for spaces as small as a container and as large as the Native Plants Display Garden in Union Square Park. She has designed living roofs and other green elements for buildings certified by LEED and honored by the American Society of Landscape Architecture.

An active researcher, Anzelone is studying genetic diversity and population health. She is working with the New York City Native Plant Conservation Initiative and in partnership with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Mariellé Anzelone speaks on greening the urban environment through ecosystem stewardship – showing how even the densest city can help protect endangered species through a combination of habitat preservation and landscaping centered on native plants. She also brings her knowledge to schools, awakening children to the wonders of the nature next door.

Videos are available here, and an audio program is available here. To discuss Mariellé Anzelone as a possible speaker, please call 408-865-0888, or send us an email message here.

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