David Blume

David BlumeFounder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, David Blume is an authority on biofuels, permaculture, and biointensive and organic gardening. Author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century, he explains the history, technology, and even the sociology of renewable fuels in a fashion that can be appreciated by expert and novice alike. He is also expert on the health and environmental benefits of vegetarian and more sustainable meat diets, of community food gardening, and of farm direct and localization of food sources.

In addition to his role with the Institute he founded, Blume has worked with the Ecological Farming Association, Ecosites International, and the Mexican nonprofit Vivamos Mejor, where he pioneered the use of the waste from coffee farms to grow oyster mushrooms. As the Executive Director of the nonprofit Hidden Villa Farm and as the director of Our Farm, an Institute for Ecological Agriculture project, he demonstrated the viability of community supported agriculture, supplying organically grown produce to local subscribers.

Blume started and ran an educational organization teaching hundreds of farmers and homeowners how to produce and use low cost alcohol fuel. His firm, Blume Distillation, provides equipment for dispersed biofuels generation.

David Blume speaks on bioenergy and biofuels as sustainable substitutes for petroleum products as well as on home and community food gardening, community supported agriculture, relocalization of food sources, permaculture, healthy eating, vegetarianism, and sustainable meat diets.

Videos of interviews, speaking testimonials, audio programs, and information about his book are all available here. To explore engaging David Blume as a speaker, contact Tom Harvey at 831-722-1012 or email Tom here. For the most up-to-date information about David, visit his website here.

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