Peter Bronski

Peter BronskiAs a program director at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy, Peter Bronski focuses on editorial and program strategy for RMI’s projects. His primary goal is to make the organization's work compelling and accessible to a broad range of audiences.

In his previous role as Coordinator of the Sustainable Communities Program for Audubon International, he worked with municipal governments, businesses, universities, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders to foster more sustainable communities rooted in environmental health, economic vitality, and a high quality of life.

In an earlier position as a staff ecologist for Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program, he consulted with hundreds of schools, businesses, and golf courses located in more than twenty countries to implement comprehensive best management practices that would protect, expand and enhance onsite wildlife habitat, protect adjacent streams, rivers and lakes, and minimize risks to both wildlife and landowners.

He holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University and is a member of the Society for Conservation Biology. A former mountain climbing instructor and accomplished nature photographer, he has traveled extensively worldwide and has climbed some of the tallest mountains in many of the world's major mountain ranges.

He speaks on energy efficiency and renewable energy, fostering more sustainable communities, water conservation and quality, managing wildlife and habitat, and wilderness adventure.

Information about his books is available here. To explore engaging Peter Bronski as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Peter, visit his website here and here.

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