Jeffrey Burke

Jeffrey BurkeJeffrey Burke is the Executive Director of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, the largest membership organization in the United States devoted solely to efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source. Before becoming director of the Roundtable, Burke worked for the Environmental Protection Agency. He was the Philadelphia Region Pollution Prevention Coordinator for nine years, and he developed EPA's International Course on Principles of Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production.

He has been an invited lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Virginia, and Temple University, and he has given conference and training program presentations on pollution prevention to industry and trade groups, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies throughout the United States as well as in Poland, China, South Africa, and Thailand.

Using examples from industry, government and personal experience, he speaks on ways to avoid, eliminate or reduce waste and pollution.

Video is available here. To discuss Jeffrey Burke as a possible speaker, please call 408-865-0888, or send us an email message here.

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