Sara Cross

Sara CrossAs the founder and creative director of coolnotcruel, Sara Cross has built a widely recognized brand and developed highly respected expertise covering all areas of socially and environmentally responsible clothing and fashion. She developed and manages a global supply chain, including partnerships with sustainable development organizations, NGO's, women's cooperatives, and individual artisans throughout the world. coolnotcruel has been covered by Women's Wear Daily, USA Today, Organic Style, Time Out New York, and Body and Soul, and its broadcast credits include CNN, CBS and The Today Show. She holds a Masters degree in Women's Studies from Oxford University and a BA in Film from Columbia.

In her speaking engagements, Cross has introduced socially and environmentally responsible fashion to audiences ranging from the Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management to New York's EcoFest and San Francisco's Green Festival.

Her presentations advance mainstream awareness of such issues as the benefits of using organic fiber, the importance of fair trade, and the potential to make conscious consumer choices in defining the relationship between personal values and personal style.

To explore engaging Sara Cross as a speaker, contact her by email here. For the most up-to-date information about Sara, visit her website here.

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