Daniel Dancer

Daniel DancerDaniel Dancer is a part Mohawk environmental artist, author, activist, photographer and educator. He is the founder of Rowena Wilds, a 200-acre eco-community near Hood River in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon where he lives in an earth-sheltered home built of recycled and Earth friendly materials.

He is the author of Shards & Circles: Artistic Adventures in Spirit and Ecology and The Four Seasons of Kansas, and he was the lead photographer on the well known "anti" coffee table book published by Sierra Club Books entitled CLEARCUT: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry. His striking photographic images of beauty and destruction have been published in many other books and magazines worldwide.

His two educational exhibits, Sacred Ground - Sacred Sky: An Eco Experience and Art For the Sky: Fields in Focus each traveled throughout the United States for six years through Exhibits USA.

Dancer conducts very popular artist in residencies called "Art For the Sky." They are based on a 3000-year-old art form in which hundreds of people become paint drops in giant "living paintings" that only make sense from the sky. Each fleeting image is a metaphor about the power of collaboration and our connection to the whole of things. He believes that awakening what he calls our "sky sight" is key to our survival and to the health of the planet.

He is currently in the midst of a 3-year project called Native Sky: An Indian Art Rising that brings "Art For the Sky" to 12 Indian Nations. Native Sky will be a unified response to the environmental crisis, a message to America written on Indian lands… giant living paintings formed by the living and breathing bodies of Indian people and supporters.

He is adept at working with adults and children of all ages, and he frequently takes his program into schools where he involves hundreds of kids in creating sky art. He has a master's degree in psychology from the University of Kansas.

Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family, describes Daniel Dancer as " gifted so uniquely with abilities to inspire the minds and hearts of young and adult alike to become stewards of the Earth. His transformative magic… radiates profound love and spiritual respect for our beautiful one-of-a-kind planet."

Dancer has been speaking nationally for 25 years. A singer-songwriter, he frequently incorporates music and photography into his programs. He speaks on why seeing beyond the fragments of our world and into the whole of things is a key to solving our problems, and on how art can be employed to stimulate that kind of "big picture" thinking. He also speaks about how to build and maintain hope for our future.

Video is available here, and information about his books is available here. To explore engaging Daniel Dancer as a speaker, contact him by calling 541-806-3020 or email Daniel here. For the most up-to-date information about Daniel, visit his website here.

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