Adam Davis

Adam DavisAn expert on market mechanisms that reward landowners for restoring and protecting natural areas as well as for sustainable use of resources such as forests and farmland, Adam Davis was featured in The New Economy of Nature by Gretchen Daily and Pulitzer Prize winner Kathy Ellison. He has appeared on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer and on NPR.

Davis is a co-founder and principal at Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP), an investor pool that delivers returns through conservation actions across a portfolio of real estate holdings, and President of Solano Partners, Inc., consultants in environmental economics and conservation finance.

He is a co-founder and previous Editor-in-Chief of the Ecosystem Marketplace, the leading global information service on financial incentives for conservation, especially of forested land. He continues as a strategic advisor.

Davis earlier served as Director of the Environment Division for EPRIsolutions, a consulting firm owned by the Electric Power Research Institute. It develops financial value from land and ecosystem conservation strategies for private sector clients. His team there used the sciences of ecological economics, restoration ecology and conservation biology, combined with decision analysis tools, appraisal methods and tax strategies to enable market based conservation choices.

He also co-founded and served as a principal at Natural Strategies, a management consulting firm working with companies to integrate sustainability principles into business strategy. Core clients included British Petroleum (Solar division), John Hancock Financial Services, Lowe’s (home improvement stores), Southern California Edison, Genencor International, and the State of California (Cal EPA). 

Prior to these roles, Davis spent 13 years in the recycling industry, developing new markets for materials diverted from the waste stream. He concluded this phase of his career as Director of Business Development at Waste Management, Inc., the $12 billion dollar international solid waste and recycling firm. He received the 2002 Ecological Society of America corporate award for “his contribution to the understanding of connections between recycling, resource recovery and ecosystem health.”

Davis contributed chapters to the books From Walden to Wall Street: Frontiers of Conservation Finance and The Endangered Species Act at Thirty: Vol. 2: Conserving Biodiversity in Human-Dominated Landscapes, both from Island Press, and to periodicals including Wall Street Journal Europe. His chapter of From Walden To Wall Street is available here, and his (co-authored) chapter of The Endangered Species Act at Thirty is available here.

Davis speaks on environmental economics, with a special expertise in developing new and innovative markets for ecosystem services and in the profitable management of private lands to provide ecosystem services.

Video clips, speaking testimonials, and articles are available here. To discuss Adam Davis as a possible speaker, please call 408-865-0888, or send us an email message here.

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