Medard Gabel

Medard GabelMedard Gabel is the former Executive Director of the World Game Institute, a nonprofit research, planning and education organization he started with Buckminster Fuller. While at the Institute, he developed the World Game™ global simulation, the internet-based NetWorld Game, the interactive atlas and encyclopedia of world problems Global Recall, and other products. In his work with Buckminster Fuller, he learned the power and utility of whole systems thinking, global perspectives and a good sense of humor. He was also the Executive Director of The Cornucopia Project at Rodale Press, where he led a team of researchers looking at the U.S. food system.

Gabel is the author of six books on global energy and food problems and solutions, environmentally sound planning methods, the global impact of multi-national corporations, and global sustainable economic development. In addition, he has published more than 50 articles on food, energy and planning in a variety of journals, magazines and books. He has been a consultant for the United Nations Environmental Program, the U.S. State Department, the Departments of Agriculture and Energy, and USAID, and he has consulted on global policy issues to 35 Fortune 500 corporations, including General Motors, Motorola, IBM, Novartis, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

He has developed and delivered seminars, lectures, and interactive presentations for more than 200 corporate, governmental, academic and nonprofit audiences around the world. He has made presentations for AT&T, Du Pont, Exxon, the Pillsbury Corporation, Lucent Technologies, the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, the World Bank, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Conference Board, the Museum of Natural History, the World Affairs Council, and the World Future Society. He has also lectured or given interactive programs at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, NYU, Purdue, Rutgers, UC Berkeley, UCLA, the University of Michigan, the Wharton School of International Business, the University of Chicago, and at many other colleges and universities. He speaks on sustainable development and business and renewable energy.

In addition to delivering lectures and interactive presentations on the above topics, Gabel also delivers a variety of multimedia environmental simulations and workshops. Most in demand is The Climate ChangeGame. It puts 30 to 150 participants in charge of the global climate. The players' task, simulating responsibilities as leaders of governments, corporations, and large groups of individuals, is to remove 200 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in the next 50 years. The simulation, grounded in the latest scientific findings on climate change, deals with solutions-actions, programs, and policies we need to implement at the governmental, corporate, and individual levels. While engaged in the simulation, players learn about the options we have to avert climate change disaster.

Videos written and produced by Medard Gabel here, and information about his books is available here. To explore engaging Medard as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Medard, visit his website here.

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