Eban Goodstein

Eban GoodsteinEban Goodstein is an economist focused on the relationship between economics and the environment. He is the author of The Trade-Off Myth: Fact And Fiction About Jobs And The Environment (Island Press), and his pathbreaking research has been covered by Scientific American, The New York Times, The Economist, The American Prospect, National Public Radio, and many others.

A Professor of Economics at Lewis and Clark College, he authored the textbook Economics and the Environment (John Wiley & Sons), now in its fourth edition. His work has been published in many academic journals, including Ecological Economics, Land Economics, Environmental Management, The Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and The Journal of Developing Areas. He also serves as Executive Director of the Green House Network, a non-profit organization doing public education on global warming. It sponsors "The Race to Stop Global Warming," a run/walk now in cities nationwide, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco. He has given more than 100 presentations on global warming around the country.

Videos of talks and interviews, as well as information about his books and articles, are available here. To explore engaging Eban Goodstein as a speaker, contact him by email here. For the most up-to-date information about Eban, visit his website here.

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