Darcy Hitchcock

Darcy HitchcockDarcy Hitchcock is the president of a consulting firm specializing in the implementation of sustainable business practices and co-author of The Business Guide to Sustainability. She has more than 25 years experience in helping organizations change (total quality management, self-directed work teams), and she applies that experience to moving organizations toward sustainability.

Hitchcock is also a senior associate at the Zero Waste Alliance, where she runs their sustainability assessment service. She created SCORE (Sustainability Competency & Opportunity Rating & Evaluation) in conjunction with Zero Waste Alliance and the International Sustainable Development Foundation. SCORE is a sustainability self-assessment tool that can help an organization determine where it is on the road to sustainability as well as help it identify new opportunities along the way. Organizations that have used the SCORE assessment include companies such as Nike, Doubletree, Progressive Investment Management, and SERA Architects as well as cities such as Santa Monica and Corvallis.

Hitchcock wrote a series of step-by-step how-to guides on such topics as Developing a Business Case for Sustainability, Developing an Implementation Plan, Greening Your Supply Chain, Training Employees on Sustainability (based on The Natural Step), Identifying Your Environmental Impacts, Developing Sustainability Metrics and Targets, Partnering with Vendors, and Making Sense of Sustainability: An Employee Primer.

She has also co-authored several other business books, including Why Teams Can Fail and What To Do About It, and The Work Redesign Team Handbook, and she has written numerous articles for such periodicals as Waste Management World, the Vancouver Business Journal, The Columbian, and the Journal for Quality and Participation.

Hitchcock teaches change management and practical sustainability strategies for government in the University of Oregon's Sustainability Leadership Program. In addition, she co-designed and facilitated the Implementing Sustainability Professional Certificate Program at Portland State University.

Her speaking topics include:

Making the business case for sustainability. This involves explaining how sustainability fits into business and corporate strategy, how sustainability helps businesses foresee threats and opportunities, and how it contributes to competitive advantage and enhanced profitability.

Implementing sustainability in organizations. How to launch an explicit sustainability initiative, understand the stages and pitfalls of program development, empower employees, and speed the adoption of new and more sustainable practices.

Sustainability frameworks. Conceptual tools, or frameworks, to move beyond the abstract concept of sustainability and focus on the down-to-earth substance and actionable elements of practical programs. Covers the most useful sustainability frameworks currently in use, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can be combined to develop a practical sustainability program.

The Natural Step. How to use this conceptual framework to guide the sustainability efforts of business organizations is explained in an unusually clear and understandable fashion. Transforms a tool that some in business find too abstract into a practical resource for business leaders and managers.

Sustainability assessments. How to do sustainability assessments of overall business practices as well as of specific areas such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and solid waste management. Includes both explanation of tools and how to measure results.

Making communities sustainable. Drawing upon diverse international examples - from Curitiba, Brazil and Kerala, India to Monteverde, Costa Rica - Hitchcock explores how resource constraints spur creative problem solving, and how the solutions created and lessons learned by cities in the developing world can be applied to U.S. cities.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Personal reflections on a 2006 visit to the Refuge. Hitchcock shares what she learned about climate change (it is clearly visible and having an effect on a variety of species), oil (drilling in the winter does not eliminate environmental damage), and the Refuge's wildlife (despite assertions that this place is a 'wasteland', it is beautiful and packed with wildlife). Includes a slide show.

Video clips from a talk are available here, and information about her book is available here. To explore engaging Darcy Hitchcock as a speaker, contact her by phone at 928-554-5171. For the most up-to-date information about Darcy, visit her website here.

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