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Huey Johnson


Huey JohnsonHuey Johnson's environmental career began in 1963 when he was appointed Western Regional Director of The Nature Conservancy. He was the organization's first employee west of the Mississippi River. During his tenure there he was responsible for more than 50 projects, including the preservation of Hawaii's Seven Sacred Pools.

In 1972, he founded the Trust For Public Land, now America's fifth largest environmental organization. As president of the Trust For Public Land, he helped preserve millions of acres of undeveloped land.

As Secretary of Resources for California from 1978 to 1982, Johnson was the state's top environmental official. He administered fourteen statewide departments with 14,000 employees and an annual budget of $900 million. As a Cabinet member, he advised the governor on program and policy formulation. One of his most notable achievements as Secretary of Resources was to launch an "Investing for Prosperity" program that stimulated a billion dollars of investment in preserving California's natural resources.

In 1983, Johnson founded the Resource Renewal Institute (RRI). As president of RRI, he has become the leading U.S. proponent of "Green Plans" -- long-term, comprehensive strategies for achieving environmental sustainability.

He is the author of Green Plans: Greenprint for Sustainability (University of Nebraska Press), which provides the first detailed examination of the theory, implementation, and performance of green plans in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Canada. Green Plans has been incorporated into the environmental planning curriculum at a number of universities, and is in its second paperback printing.

In March 1996, the President's Council on Sustainable Development awarded him a Presidential Honor for his pioneering work. He has also received awards and honors from the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Association of Environmental Professionals, the Friends of the U.N. Environmental Programme, and others.


Johnson has lectured at Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford, but just as frequently speaks to professionals and business leaders. In addition to presentations in the United States, he has spoken to groups in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Canada.

His speeches usually focus on comprehensive long-term Green Planning, but may be tailored to incorporate a range of environmental and social issues relevant to particular groups. Videos of two presentations, information on his book, and articles and interviews are available here.

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