Doug La Follette

Doug La FolletteCurrently Wisconsin's Secretary of State, Doug La Follette was the director of Wisconsin Environmental Decade, and he has served on the boards of the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. As Secretary of State and chair of the Wisconsin Public Land Commission, his duties include the promotion of sustainable management of state-owned forests.

In 1970, La Follette organized the first Earth Day events in Wisconsin on behalf of Senator Gaylord Nelson, going on to found and lead Wisconsin Environmental Decade (now Clean Wisconsin) and to chair the State’s Earth Day in 1990. He was also Assistant Director of the Mid-American Solar Energy Complex, a federal initiative exploring the use of solar energy for homes.

Holder of a PhD in organic chemistry from Columbia, La Follette is a Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin and at the University of Freiburg in Germany. He has discussed environmental challenges on Voice of America, in appearances at Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell, and at international venues from New Zealand to Saudi Arabia to Chile.

Author of The Survival Handbook: A Strategy for Saving Planet Earth, he is a Fulbright Distinguished American Scholar. He has received the Environmental Quality Award from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Excellence Award from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The Clean Water Action Council named him Environmental Advocate of the Year.

La Follette speaks on sustainability, with particular expertise and focus on renewable energy, pollution, and population issues, and he offers a unique perspective on the history of modern environmentalism.

Speaking testimonials are available here, and information about his book is available here. To contact Doug La Follette to discuss engaging him as a speaker, send him an email here. For more about Doug, visit his Facebook page here.

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