Larry Lansburgh

Larry LansburghLarry Lansburgh is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the producer, director and writer of Dream People of the Amazon, a documentary about how a small group of indigenous people, the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, came up against the money and power of multinational oil companies – and won.

Seven trips into the Amazon over three years, living in Achuar villages, trekking through the jungle, conducting on-camera interviews with Achuar men and women, and countless informal conversations with these people of the forest taught him that the Achuar – like many indigenous people all over the world – know something that we in the “developed” world do not. They know how to exist sustainably on the planet.

Dream People of the Amazon is the most recent product of a 33-year career as a video and film producer, director and writer. Lansburgh received an Academy Award Nomination for Dawn Flight, a live-action short about the freedom that comes from knowing oneself, and an Emmy for The Hidden Struggle, a one-hour PBS documentary special on the inspiring achievements of mentally retarded young adults.

His career spans a total of more than 60 film and video projects, including two film scripts for "The Wonderful World of Disney" and aerial cinematography for "Skyward," a movie for television starring Bette Davis and directed by Ron Howard.

In his presentation, Lansburgh describes how the Achuar people are defending their pristine rainforest with strategies that are sophisticated, ethical, and effective. He explains what we can learn from them and uses their struggle as an empowering and optimistic example of the effectiveness of committed people, of the ability we all have to make a difference.

Lansburgh also speaks to writers, journalists and sustainability advocates about the tools and techniques of effective environmental communication using film and video. He focuses on the creative decisions that can add power to educational productions. His presentations often include selected scenes from Dream People of the Amazon to illustrate his points.

Video excerpts from his presentations, speaking testimonials, and information about his book available here. To explore engaging Larry Lansburgh as a speaker, contact him by email here or phone him at 530-263-4214.

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