Vivian Manasc

Vivian ManascVivian Manasc is Senior Principal of Manasc Isaac Architects, a 25-person practice known for its commitment to sustainable, community-based integrated design. She is co-author of Agora Borealis: Engaging in Sustainable Architecture (Coteau Books) and is an adjunct professor of Architecture at the University of Calgary. Her firm is a leader in cold-climate sustainable design for corporate and public sector clients and has been recognized with a number of significant architectural awards, including the Governor General's Award in Architecture.

Manasc is a Fellow and Director of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, a Director of the Canada Green Building Council, a founding member of the Alberta Sustainable Buildings Symposium, and a member of Canada's National Steering Committee for Innovation in Construction. She received her Architectural degree from McGill University, her MBA from the University of Alberta, and is a LEED™ accredited professional.

She speaks on sustainable building strategies, on the paradigm shift required to create green buildings, and on the teams, attitudes and materials involved in a new and evolving architecture.

Information about her book is available here. To explore engaging Vivian Manasc as a speaker, contact her here. For the most up-to-date information about Vivian, visit her website here.

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