Bill Moore

Bill MooreBill Moore is the publisher and editor of EV World and EV World Update. Both cover news and events of significance related to advanced vehicle technology and sustainable transportation. He has also written for Discover, Popular Science, and Air & Space Smithsonian, and he was one of the founders of a high school electric vehicle competition now involving nearly 60 schools.

His presentations focus on why we need to transition from a heavily oil-dependent transportation system to one that is more efficient, more equitable, and less polluting.

Moore evaluates the options, from battery electric cars to hybrids to fuel cell-powered vehicles, nearly all of which he's driven in the course of his reporting and publishing efforts.

Videos are available here, and information about his book is available here. To explore engaging Bill Moore as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Bill, visit his website here.

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