Roger Payne & Lisa Harrow

Roger Payne & Lisa HarrowLisa Harrow and Roger Payne combine the wisdom of poetry with the knowledge of science to create their performance SeaChange: Reversing the Tide. In it, they present a compelling case that man is not the overseer of life but an integral part of life's complex web, and that our survival requires that we attend not just to our own wellbeing but also to the wellbeing of the entire web of life.

SeaChange includes the poetry of Shakespeare, Shelley, Robert Frost, Wendell Berry, Gary Snyder, Mary Oliver, and others to illuminate the consequences of humanity's current indifference to natural laws. It leaves the audience with a clear understanding of our role in the natural world and of the urgency of living sustainably. It is suitable for performances before audiences of any size, from small private groups to large crowds in major auditoriums. (An NPR Talk of the Nation Science Friday program on SeaChange may be heard here and a Science Friday video excerpt from SeaChange may be viewed here.)

Lisa Harrow is an award-winning actress and author of What Can I Do? An Alphabet For Living Her career has included leading roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company and in London's West End, opposite such actors as Peggy Ashcroft, Judi Dench, John Hurt, Jeremy Irons, Peter O'Toole, and Patrick Stewart, and in films and television productions with such costars as Pierce Brosnan, Anthony Hopkins, Elliot Gould, Sam Neill, Glenda Jackson, and David Suchet.

Her performance in The Last Days of Chez Nous earned Lisa an Australian Oscar for Best Actress. Her 1997 film Sunday (opposite David Suchet) won The Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and her most recent miniseries, Jessica, won the award for Best Miniseries at the 40th Chicago Film Festival.

Roger Payne is best known for his discovery (with Scott McVay) that humpback whales sing songs, and for his theory that the sounds of fin and blue whales can be heard across oceans. He has studied the behavior of whales since 1967 and is founder and President of Ocean Alliance.

He has led more than 100 ocean expeditions and studied every species of large whale. Ocean Alliance recently completed a five-year research expedition to measure ocean pollution. It provided the first bioassay of pollutant levels throughout the world's oceans. (Listen to NPR's Morning Edition coverage here.)

Payne has pioneered many of the research techniques used to study free-swimming whales, and he has trained many of the current leaders in whale research, both in America and abroad.

He is the author of the book Among Whales, and has written for National Geographic Magazine, Whalewatcher, Marine Mammal Science, Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, Zoologica, and many other scientific journals. One of his articles in National Geographic contained a record of whale sounds of which 10.5 million copies were made - still the largest single order in the history of the recording industry.

Payne has many television, radio and film credits, including Sixty Minutes II, Good Morning America, The Charlie Rose Show, several PBS, Turner Broadcasting, and Discovery Channel documentaries (including Finite Oceans and the Emmy-nominated In the Company of Whales), and several programs on the BBC and NHK. His interview with Charlie Rose (One-On-One With Charlie Rose) won both an Emmy for best interview and an American Cable Excellence award. His radio credits include NPR's Morning Edition Radio Expeditions (listen here and here), and PBS's Pulse of the Planet. He was also the co-writer and co-director of the IMAX film Whales: An Unforgettable Journey.

Payne was the Producer and Creative Director for three recordings: Songs of the Humpback Whale (the best selling natural history recording ever released), Deep Voices, and Whales Alive (composed by whales but arranged and played by humans). His recording of the humpback whale's song was included on the Voyager spacecraft's record of life on earth.

His honors and awards include a knighthood in the Netherlands, a MacArthur Fellowship, a Lyndhurst Prize Fellowship, the Joseph Wood Krutch Medal of the Humane Society of the United States, The Albert Schweitzer Medal of the Animal Welfare Institute, a United Nations Environmental Programme "Global 500" Award, and a Lifetime Achievement award from Earthwatch. Most recently, he was the recipient of the 2007 Dawkins Prize for Animal Conservation from Balliol College, Oxford. A film about Payne's work, A Life Among Whales, is currently being screened worldwide (see a clip here.)

Video excerpts from SeaChange as well as videos of other presentations and interviews are available here, information about Lisa’s book is available here, and information about Roger’s books is available here. For more information about SeaChange with Roger Payne and Lisa Harrow, contact them by email here. For more information, visit their website here.

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