John Marshall Roberts

John Marshall RobertsAuthor of the book Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries, John Marshall Roberts is the co-founder of the next-generation e-learning and professional skills development firm Conceptual Age Media. Igniting Inspiration introduces an innovative new communication paradigm called Transformational Design®. A seamless blend of systems theory, developmental psychology, and common sense, this new interdisciplinary framework allows socially conscious people – marketers, business leaders, and activists – to design messages that systematically overcome cynicism, shift thinking, and inspire measurable behavior change.

In a consulting role, Roberts has worked with EcoAlign to help North American utility companies improve public understanding of and participation in utility sponsored environmental programs. He prepared a groundbreaking white paper, Cracking the Green Code, as a part of this work.

For the celebrated 30-year-old branding firm Evenson Design Group (EDG), he developed a series of strategic messaging campaigns to position the firm to compete in the sustainability space. In addition to attracting a host of new green clients, EDG has also won several awards for their redesigned website and brand.

Other recent clients and partners include the Oscar-winning BRC Imagination Arts, Sustainable Life Media, LOHAS, the Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council, Copia Green, EcoTuesday, and Opportunity Green.

Earlier in his career, Roberts taught psychology and research methods at the University of South Florida. In that position, he explored both the role of empathy in human communication and the self-confirming nature of social perception.

He speaks on socially conscious marketing of products and services, on how sustainability advocates can overcome resistance to their message, and on new models and methods of leadership to promote sustainability.

Videos of presentations, speaking testimonials, audio interviews, and book information are available here. To explore engaging John Marshall Roberts as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about John, visit his website here.

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