Joyce Rouse

Joyce RousePerforming as Earth Mama, Joyce Rouse was picked for her first album as a finalist in the Nammies, one of Nashville's prestigious music awards. Her success has grown with each subsequent release, and her songs have inspired listeners to act to preserve and protect the Earth. Today, her music is heard in more than eighty countries on syndicated radio programs such as My Green Earth, Every Living Thing, and Environmental Directions.

With more than 90 writer credits, her songs have been recorded by pop and country music artists, featured in movies and ads, and used as theme songs for several national events. Her music has been used extensively by educators and by environmental and peace organizations, such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, and Earth Charter. For the 75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in 1995, Joyce wrote and performed the theme song Standing On The Shoulders, which premiered at official events in Washington, D.C.

Earth Mama has been a featured performer at the Nashville Songwriters Association International Tin Pan South concerts, hosted shows at the Bluebird Cafe, and commanded the main stage at Nashville's annual Italian Street Fair. Joyce is featured in the book The Soul of a Writer: Intimate Interviews with Successful Songwriters by Susan Tucker. She has recently released her seventh recording, Under the Rainbow.

With a Master of Arts in Earth Literacy and extensive music and theatrical training, she has traveled the country for more than ten years spreading the concepts of Earth connection and sustainability. Earth Mama's motto is "Helping Heal the Planet One Song At A Time."

Her performances incorporate songs, commentary, and when appropriate, audience participation, to educate and empower individuals to shift to more sustainable lifestyles and to contribute in whatever other ways they can to helping heal the planet.

Videos of Joyce are available here, and testimonials are available here.To explore engaging Joyce Rouse for a presentation or performance, contact her here. For the most up-to-date information about Joyce, visit her website here.

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