Tony Seba

Tony SebaAn expert on unlocking the profit potentials in the clean energy revolution, Tony Seba is the author of Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation and Solar Trillions: 7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-Energy Economy. He has founded, developed, and advised numerous high-tech and clean-tech companies and launched more than 30 products. Seba teaches entrepreneurship, green innovation and finance at Stanford University Graduate School, at the University of Auckland School of Business in New Zealand, and in-house at such giants as Google and Cisco Systems.

In both Clean Disruption and Solar Trillions, Seba presents a wealth of evidence that clean energy will be abundant and cheap, and that solar energy is the main clean source that can scale to meet global needs. Solar Trillions is a must for everyone who wants a clear understanding of clean energy, says Dr. Steven R. Wilson of the Inter-American Development Bank. Clean Disruption is even more compelling. Seba is also the author of Winners Take All: The 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy.

As Vice President for Corporate Development at Utility Scale Solar, Inc., Seba managed the firm’s growth from garage startup to wide-ranging presence. He was founder and CEO of Print Nation, a B2B commerce site that he guided to dominance in its market segment. Seba’s leadership has garnered such top industry awards as the Upside Hot 100 and the B2B “Best of the Web,” and he has been featured in Investors Business Daily, Business Week, Forbes, Fast Company, Upside, Success, and on ABC TV.

He is cleantech advisor at the venture fund Global Technology and Innovation Partners, and he serves on the governing or advisory boards of Utility Scale Solar (United States), MediFirst Systems (Singapore), Solar Islands (New Zealand), and the Stanford Society for Entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Seba’s talks present the clean energy revolution as an irresistible force that will reshape infrastructures, transform industries, and open pathways to profit for new and nimble firms. He argues that solar technologies will be the largest, cheapest, and most widespread source of energy, and that trillions of dollars in new business opportunities are available to the entrepreneurs, companies, and countries that take advantage of the coming transformation in energy. Every business, he explains, will be in the energy business.

In addition to speaking on the power and promise of clean renewable energy, Seba talks about the opportunities for and the ingredients of success in cleantech entrepreneurship both for new startups and for existing companies developing new products for the clean energy economy. The business and investment opportunities he discusses span power generation, new storage technologies, the smart grid and smart metering, and the electrification of activities currently dependent on liquid fuels. His talks include the electrification of transportation, why and how it will happen and what it means, as well as the greening of cities in the coming clean economy.

Video clips, audio programs, and information about his books are available here. For the most up-to-date information about Tony Seba, and to contact him to discuss engaging him as a speaker, visit his website here.

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