Ron Sherga

Ron ShergaRon Sherga, a leader in the recycling and reuse of waste plastic, has kept more than two billion pounds of old carpet, electronic waste, auto components, and packaging out of landfills since 1977. Having designed, owned or operated a dozen different recycling and reuse facilities, he now runs two companies, one that links generators with potential reusers of plastic scrap, and one that undertakes research and development projects in search of new opportunities for plastics remanufacturing.

Sherga’s work has involved projects throughout North America as well as in Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has worked with the largest chemical and polymer companies in seeking solutions to reduce and utilize scrap, and he has advised Wall Street and European Investment firms and research groups, including Gerson Lehrman. In 2009, Sherga was tapped to co-chair the Society of Sustainable Plastics, a global initiative created by the Kellen Group of Washington, DC.

Sherga speaks on plastic waste recycling, reduction and reuse, on new opportunities in plastics remanufacturing, and on making the plastics industry more sustainable.

An audio clip is available here. To explore engaging Ron Sherga as a speaker, contact him here. For the most up-to-date information about Ron, visit his website here.

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