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Environmental Speakers

Ted Smith

Ted SmithAs the founder and Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition since 1982, Ted Smith has been a pathbreaker in working for toxics reduction and pollution prevention in the global electronics industry. No other organization has done more than the Toxics Coalition to call attention to and improve the environmental health and safety practices of the electronics industry.

He is an editor and co-author of Challenging the Chip: Labor Rights and Environmental Justice in the Global Electronics Industry. It is a collaborative discourse of citizens, workers, health professionals, academics, labor leaders, and environmental activists to develop visions for the sustainable development of the global electronics industry.

Smith speaks on toxics and health and on the roles and methods of grass roots activism in promoting sustainable practices within the high tech and electronics industries throughout the world.

Video of an interview is available here, and information about his book is available here. To explore Ted Smith as a possible speaker, contact him by email here.

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