Josh Tickell

Josh TickellAuthor and filmmaker Josh Tickell has inspired thousands of people around the world to make, use and promote the vegetable oil based fuel called biodiesel. He is the creator of two unique biodiesel vehicles - The Veggie Van and The Veggie Car. In 1997 and 1998, he toured the United States in the Veggie Van, and his short film, The Veggie Van Voyage, screened in 14 film festivals. His book on biodiesel, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank (Tickell Energy Consultants), is in its third edition, and he is currently working on Fields of Fuel, a feature documentary about the worldwide biodiesel revolution.

Tickell has worked as an energy and environmental media consultant for the United States Congress, the Department of Energy, members of the Australian Parliament, and numerous private companies and individuals. His media appearances include The Today Show, Dateline NBC, CNN, The Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, and The Australian Broadcast Corporation, and his work has also been widely covered by print and internet media including Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, WIRED and the Los Angeles Times.

Tickell has given presentations, seminars or workshops at many colleges, universities, conferences, and energy fairs in the U.S. and internationally (Guatemala, Argentina, Cuba, Australia). He uses graphics, animation and video footage from around the world to take audiences on a journey through the history, geopolitics, geology and current crisis of our fossil energy based society.

His presentations focus on biodiesel's ability to create jobs, clean up local environments, and offer an alternative to destructive oil economies. For businesses and governmental agencies, he also gives workshops and seminars on saving money with biodiesel for vehicle fleets, growing biodiesel markets, and creating profitable biodiesel businesses.

Video and audio clips from presentations, television stories and interviews, and trailers for Josh Tickell's feature film Fuel, speaking testimonials, and information about his book are available here.

To explore engaging Josh Tickell as a speaker, contact his representative here. For the most up-to-date information about Josh, visit his website here.

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