Agriculture, Food & Fiber

Speakers cover growing, raising, catching, collecting, buying, selecting, preparing and eating or using food and fiber more sustainably, more healthfully, and more humanely. They also cover the problems and issues arising from current practices, including soil loss and degradation, pesticide and chemical exposure, water, soil and air pollution, fossil fuel consumption and related impacts, water waste, overpumping of aquifers, damage to river, wetland and ocean habitats, greenhouse gas emissions, disease and other human health problems, collapse of fisheries, species extinctions, and cruelty to animals.

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Sustainable Eating. Eating to have a lower environmental footprint and be more sustainable. Includes food selection, buying choices, preparation, and disposal of food and packaging wastes. More >>

Food & Agriculture. Covers farming and ranching issues, methods, and impacts, conservation of agricultural land, choice of foods, vegetarian diets, organic food, fishing, fishery protection, aquaculture, and related issues. See Raj Patel, Denis Hayes, Susan Sokol Blosser, Kate Troll, Steve Brill, Jim Motavalli, Rae Sikora, Annie Bond, Medard Gabel, Lisa Kivirist, John Ivanko, Alfredo Quarto, David Blume, and Josh Tickell.

Water Supply & Conservation. Fresh water is in short supply worldwide, and everything from food production to stream and coastal conservation is suffering as a result. See Jerry Yudelson, Jacques Leslie, L. Hunter Lovins, Tim Foresman, and Peter Bronski.

Community & Home Food Gardening. Includes community and home food gardening, organic gardening, and permaculture. Also covers organizing and running community gardens. See Amy Stewart, David Blume, Allen Green, Steve Brill, Lisa Kivirist, and John Ivanko.

Food, Nutrition & Health. Speakers cover how to select and prepare food that promotes health and good nutrition, and how that also tends to be healthier and more sustainable for the planet. See Matt Levine, Ann Vileisis, Laura Stec, Annie Bond, David Steinman, Denis Hayes, and David Blume.

Organic & Natural Food & Cooking. Understanding, locating, evaluating, buying, cooking, and serving organic and natural foods. See Matt Levine, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, David Steinman, Lisa Kivirist, John Ivanko, Susan Sokol Blosser, Denis Hayes, and Annie Bond.

Vegetarian Diets. Vegetarian diets can have a wide range of environmental and health benefits. In addition, vegetarianism avoids complicity with the factory methods of animal raising and slaughter that many find cruel and morally indefensible. See Jim Motavalli, Laura Stec, Jay Weinstein, Rae Sikora, Lisa Kivirist, and David Blume.

Fisheries Management, Protection & Restoration. Overfishing is strip mining the oceans. Destructive fishing technologies are damaging ocean ecosystems. Critical fishery areas are being damaged by pollution, global warming, and other assaults. Without a concerted campaign to protect and restore fisheries, a growing number will decline or collapse. See David Helvarg, Wallace 'J' Nichols, Kate Troll, and Wil Burns.

Animal Protection. The awareness that animals feel pain and that cruelty to animals is morally unjustifiable is seen by many as a natural corollary of environmental stewardship. See Ric O’Barry, Rae Sikora, Zoe Weil, Jay Weinstein, Denis Hayes, and Jim Motavalli.

Environmental Economics. Our economy is entirely dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment, and a sustainable future means rebuilding and restructuring our economy so that is sits on a foundation of environmental sustainability. See Eban Goodstein, Raj Patel, Michel Gelobter, Yoram Bauman, Gil Friend, Bill Shireman, L. Hunter Lovins, Chris Maser, Quiet Riot, and Kate Troll.

Speakers’ Books On Agriculture,
Food & Fiber Here >>

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