Forestry & Forest Ecosystems

Speakers cover all aspects of sustainable forestry and protecting forests and forest ecosystems. Specific topics include protecting old growth temperate rainforests, protecting tropical rainforests, sustainable logging practices, sustainable wood and lumber certification, threats to forest ecosystems and strategies to protect those ecosystems, forest restoration, reforestation, and tree planting, sustainable paper products, paper and wood recycling, wood as a biofuel, and urban forestry.

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Forestry & Trees. Forests are threatened worldwide by logging, urban expansion, clearing for farming, ranching, aquaculture, and energy crops, road building, climate change, non-native pests and diseases, air pollution, and more. This topic covers these threats and the struggle to save and conserve forests and forest ecosystems. See Jim Bowyer, Gloria Flora, Reese Halter, Ray Moritz, Francesca Lyman, Chris Maser, John Perlin, Larry Lansburgh, Dotty LeMieux, Alfredo Quarto, John Seed, Bill Shireman, and Rusty Johnson.

Endangered Species & Wildlife Habitat. We are currently experiencing the greatest mass extinction of species in 70 million years. Efforts to halt this decline, save individual species, and preserve and restore habitat areas are vitally important for a wide range of reasons. See Rob Caughlan, Chris Palmer, Roger Payne, Katie Alvord, Pete McCloskey, Reese Halter, David Helvarg, George Divoky, Peter Bronski, Rusty Johnson, Alfredo Quarto, Chris Maser, Wil Burns, and Rick Johnson.

Environmental Economics. Our economy is entirely dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment, and a sustainable future means rebuilding and restructuring our economy so that is sits on a foundation of environmental sustainability. See Eban Goodstein, Raj Patel, Michel Gelobter, Yoram Bauman, Gil Friend, Bill Shireman, L. Hunter Lovins, Chris Maser, Quiet Riot, and Kate Troll.

Speakers’ Books On Forestry
& Forest Ecosystems Here >>

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