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E John Marshall Roberts. The author of Igniting Inspiration, he has worked to help utility companies increase participation in their green programs and to help other clients and partners, including the Oscar-winning BRC Imagination Arts, LOHAS, and the Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council, with their communication strategies… More >> John Marshall Roberts
E Michel Gelobter. He is the founder and chairman of Cooler, Inc., a for-profit venture helping businesses & consumers reduce or offset the carbon emissions of their businesses & purchases. In addition, he serves on the boards of the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) and the Natural Resources Defense Council… More >> Michel Gelobter
E Bill Birchard. He has written extensively on business sustainability, corporate environmental management, and related issues of corporate citizenship, strategic planning, quality management, and corporate change for management magazines including Fast Company, CFO, Chief Executive, Strategy + Business, and Tomorrow… More >>
Bill Birchard
E Pamela J. Gordon. As founder of Technology Forecasters, she helps global executives make profitable operational and marketing decisions. Author of Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment, she understands how to help top management make changes in their organizations to reduce waste and increase efficiency… More >> Pamela Gordon
E Tachi Kiuchi. As Chairman and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric America, he broke with Japanese corporate norms to champion a "living systems" approach to business that included rapid adaptation and environmental sustainability. He is the coauthor of What We Learned In The Rainforest: Business Principles For The New Economy More >> Tachi Kiuchi

E Jerry Yudelson. He has been a management and marketing consultant for more than 200 firms, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small product manufacturers. He makes the business case for commercial green property management and covers sustainable management concepts and practices for businesses of all kinds… More >>

Jerry Yudelson

E Richard MacLean. Expert on corporate EHS, he heads the firm Competitive Environment and consults on improving competitive position & organizational re-
structuring. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies, including as Manager of Environmental Protection for GE worldwide. He writes for Environmental Protection & Corporate Strategy TodayMore >>

Richard MacLean
E Jeff Hohensee. Vice President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, he has been working as a change management expert in business, education and sustainability for more than twenty-five years. He started his career in corporate finance working for Barclays American Business Credit and the Fuji Bank subsidiary Heller Financial… More >> Jeff Hohensee
E Don Carli. He is the Technology Editor of Print on Demand magazine, Consulting Editor to Digital Imaging magazine, and has written for Graphic Communications World, Ethical Corporation, and others. He is research director of "The Greening of Print," a project investigating environmentally preferable printing and packaging… More >> Don Carli
E Tom Kemper. He is President of Dolphin Blue, a supplier of recycled office supplies as well as specialty fiber papers and related environmentally responsible products. He is also a founder and co-chair of Sustainable Dallas, a nonprofit organization that showcases socially and environmentally responsible corporate business practices… More >> Tom Kemper
E Thomas Rymsza. A pioneer in the development of environmentally superior paper, his company manufactures paper from the kenaf plant. No pesticides, trees, or chlorine compounds are used in the process. He is an expert in eco-industrial development, nonwood fibers, and clean paper manufacturing… More >> Thomas Rymsza
E John Ivanko. His ecotourism enterprise, Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast, has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Eco-Destinations in North America" by Natural Home and Garden Magazine. He speaks on ecotourism and "eco-preneuring" - how businesses can use renewable energy and resources to be more sustainable and profitable… More >> John Ivanko
E Dixon de Lena. CEO of a leadership development and management firm co-founded with Paul H. Ray, he assists business, organizations, and government in building a sustainable future. He has consulted for Ætna, Boeing, GTE, and Microsoft and is an author in Einstein's Business: Engaging Soul, Innovation and Excellence in the WorkplaceMore >>
Dixon de Lena

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Speakers’ Books On Business
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