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E Gwendolyn Hallsmith. She is the Director of Global Community Initiatives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development, and has been a leader in the sustainable communities movement for more than fifteen years. She is the author of The Key to Sustainable Cities: Meeting Human Needs, Transforming Community Systems More >> Gwendolyn Hallsmith
E Walter McGuire. One of America's most seasoned practitioners and trainers in building public participation campaigns. He was national field director for Earth Day 1990. In that role, he led The Global Cities Project, an educational project promoting sustainable cities. Speaking subjects include Building Sustainable Communities… More >> Walter McGuire

E Dan Chiras. An author and consultant in green building, renewable energy and energy efficiency, his book Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods is about remaking neighborhoods to better serve people and reduce impacts on the environment, offering cohousing and new urbanist communities as examples… More >>

Dan Chiras
E Mike Harcourt. As the premier of British Columbia and three-term mayor of Vancouver, he helped Canada's westernmost province win its reputation as one of the world's most livable places. His leadership was instrumental in transforming the way Canadians look at their cities. In 2005, he received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service… More >>
Mike Harcourt
E Chris Maser. Authored or coauthored twenty-six books and more than 250 articles. His books include Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Development and Resolving Environmental Conflict. He was a member of Yale's Peabody Museum Expedition to Egypt. Topics include sustainable community development and resolving environmental conflict… More >> Chris Maser
E Karen Walz. The founder of Strategic Community Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in innovative, consensus-based community planning, Karen Walz has provided services for communities in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas. She served as Executive Director of The Dallas Plan… More >> Karen Walz
E Peter Bronski. Coordinator of the Sustainable Communities Program for Audubon International, he works with municipal governments, businesses, universities, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders to foster more sustainable communities rooted in environmental health, economic vitality, and a high quality of life… More >> Peter Bronski
E Wendy Brawer. She pioneered the use of collaborative, interactive, web-based cartography to gather and present key community environmental information. This serves as an aid to planning and political action, fostering both the citizen-driven greening of cities and communities and better planning by local officials and programs… More >> Wendy Brawer
E Richard Register. Author of Ecocities: Building Cities in Balance with Nature and of Ecocity Berkeley: Building Cities for a Healthy Future. He links our auto-dependent sprawling cities to problems from global warming to species extinction, but he focuses primarily on what can be and is being done to craft community-oriented solutions… More >> Richard Register
E Dom Nozzi. Author of Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It, he is a city planner who combines a broad view of sustainable urban futures with nuts-and-bolts experience. He champions pedestrian friendly city design, and he is a contributor to the collection New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the FutureMore >> Dom Nozzi
E Doug McKenzie-Mohr. A pioneer in employing community-based social marketing to promote recycling, waste reduction, pollution prevention, energy and water efficiency, watershed protection, and soil conservation. His talks and workshops cover identifying barriers, designing effective programs, using pilots, and evaluation… More >> Doug McKenzie-Mohr
E Nancy Lee. Contributed to the development of more than 50 social marketing campaign strategies for public sector agencies, including water and power conservation, recycling, litter prevention, water quality, trip reduction, and habitat preservation. She has conducted social marketing workshops for hundreds of public sector employees… More >> Nancy Lee

Speakers’ Books On Communities
& Development Here >>

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