Sustainable Development

Speakers cover various aspects of sustainable development. It has been a hugely debated term and concept, and it means different things to different people. Here we use it primarily to refer to an approach to economic development in underdeveloped societies intended to produce growth in living standards while at the same time avoiding levels of resource extraction and waste production that cannot be sustained over the long term.

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E Medard Gabel. Former Executive Director of the World Game Institute, an organization he started with Buckminster Fuller. Author of six books on global problems and solutions, the impact of multi-national corporations, and sustainable economic development. Consultant for the UN Environmental Program, the U.S. State Department, and USAID… More >> Medard Gabel
E Huey Johnson. One of his most notable achieve- ments as California Secretary of Resources was the program "Investing for Prosperity." It stimulated a billion dollars of investment in California's natural resources. The leading U.S. proponent of "Green Plans" - long-term, comprehensive strategies for achieving environmental sustainability… More >> Huey Johnson
E Gwendolyn Hallsmith. Director of a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development. Author of The Key to Sustainable Cities: Meeting Human Needs, Transforming Community Systems. Works to identify ways in which communities can achieve better governance, sustainable economic development, and a healthy environment… More >> Gwendolyn Hallsmith
E Carl Frankel. A writer and strategist who special- izes in the cutting edge of sustainable development. His most recent book, Out of the Labyrinth: Who We Are, How We Go Wrong and What We Can Do About It, "raises the literature on sustainability to a new level and is destined to be a classic," according to ecological economist Hazel Henderson… More >> Carl Frankel
E Sara Cross. The founder of coolnotcruel, she has built a brand and developed expertise related to socially and environmentally responsible clothing. She developed and manages a global supply chain, including partnerships with sustainable development organizations, NGO's, women's cooperatives, and artisans throughout the world… More >> Sara Cross
E Jack Giampalmi. Served as Director, Environ- mental Operations with Dow Chemical and as Director of the Townley Global Management Center for Envi- ronmental Health and Safety with The Conference Board. His work focused on the relationships between sustainable development, corporate reputation, economics, and regulatory compliance… More >> Jack Giampalmi
E Joe Kennedy. Co-founder and former director of Builders Without Borders, an organization serving the underhoused on the U.S./Mexico border and U.S. Indian reservations. His newest book is Building Without Borders: Sustainable Construction for the Global Village. He teaches in the EcoDwelling Concentration at New College of California… More >> Joe Kennedy
E Thomas Rymsza. An expert in eco-industrial development, nonwood fibers, and clean paper manufacturing, he has spoken to scientific, business, and nonprofit groups in Japan, Europe and the U.S. His presentations focus on sustainable development, revitalizing rural economies, and environmentally sustainable pulp and paper production… More >> Thomas Rymsza

Speakers’ Books On Business
& The Economy Here >> & Here >>

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