Living Urban Environment

Speakers cover all aspects of the living urban environment… public parks, urban public gardens and arboreta, public building landscaping, urban forests, roadway and highway landscaping, landscaping of utility and rail easements, urban trails and pathways, urban riparian corridors, private residential, commercial and industrial landscaping, private open space, landscape architecture, xeriscape and water conserving landscaping, landscaping with native plants, low or no chemical landscaping, and integrated pest management.

Speakers’ Books On The Living
Urban Environment Here >>

Greening The Urban Environment. The urban environment is alive, with trees and landscaping, ornamental and food gardens, parks and open space, rivers and riparian corridors, ponds and wetlands, coastlines and lakeshores, and animals, birds, insects, and amphibians of all kinds. It should be nurtured, protected, restored, and respected. More >>

Urban Forestry. On streets, in home and building landscaping, in parks and along trails, in riparian areas, and elsewhere in the community environment, urban trees provide many benefits, environmental and otherwise. See Jeff Hohensee, Pepper Provenzano, Ray Moritz, and Dotty LeMieux.

Sustainable Landscaping. Landscaping for yards, commercial, industrial and public buildings and schools, roadways, urban parks and trails, and other urban open spaces can be designed, constructed and maintained in a much more sustainable and environmentally positive manner. See Christy Tinsley Ilfrey and Amy Stewart.

Community & Home Food Gardening. Includes community and home food gardening, organic gardening, and permaculture. Also covers organizing and running community gardens. See Amy Stewart, David Blume, Allen Green, Steve Brill, Lisa Kivirist, and John Ivanko.

Speakers’ Books On The Living
Urban Environment Here >>

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Roadway & Railway Rights Of Way Landscaping
Parks, Public Open Space & Landscaping
Public Gardens & Arboreta
Urban Trails, Paths & Greenways
Private Open Space & Utility Easements
Urban Riparian Corridors
Landscaping Design, Preparation & Planting
Native Plants & Landscaping
Xeriscape & Water Conserving Landscaping
Low Or No Chemical Landscaping
Integrated Pest Management

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