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Joe Romm

Video Clips


UC Berkeley Energy Symposium Presentation

USGBC Greenbuild Master Speaker

Appearance at The Commonwealth Club

Energy and Climate: Challenges and Solutions
(Romm Starts at 24:30)

Talk At Washington DC Earthday 40 Rally

TV Programs & Interviews

60 Minutes Interview 1 - 2
(Second Clip – Romm Interview Starts at 8:50)

PBS News Hour: How Cities Should Prepare
(Romm Starts at 3:30)

Conversations with Great Minds

The Media, The Scientists and The Planet

MSNBC: 2013 IPCC Report

Congressional Testimony

Need for Action on Climate Change

On The Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Fossil Fuel Economy is Ponzi Scheme

Ray Suarez Panel Including Joe Romm On
The Advantage of Electricity to Power Cars

Center for American Progress Panel

Documentary Segments

Interview From Feature Documentary:
Who Killed the Electric Car?

(Romm Clip Starts at 1:00)

Fossil Fuels and The Climate: Time is Running Out

Online Videos

Get Off Fossil Fuels

On Climate, Obama, Keystone, & Consequences

7 Billion Can Alter The Planet

We Know The Future

Where is Obama's Climate Change Agenda?

Debunking The Denial

Clean Skies Interviews 123456

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